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Bad Gay: Episode 2

By Lakey Bridge / July 14, 2022

Let me tell you what sex is like for a post-menopausal woman: it ain’t nothin’ to write home about. Yes,…

Bad Gay: Episode 1

By Lakey Bridge / June 16, 2022

I’m writing this while huddled in a small room of our big house. For the past several months, I’ve spent…

Playing Cupid: Gay Matchmaker Amari Ice Aims For the Heart

By Mikey Rox / June 2, 2022

Recently or still single? No sweat. Game-changing, history-making queer matchmaker Amari Ice (he recently paired the first successful gay couple…

Jamez Sitings: Who Asked You?

By Jamez L. Smith / May 19, 2022

Being this oldthis brokenIs a blessing And exhausting Dismiss my tearsCondemn me Misread my smileDeny me Project your fearsReject  me You’ve…

“The Storyteller’s Story” – News Reporter Maury Glover Breaks The Fourth Wall

By Terrance Griep / May 5, 2022

It’s very possible that you’ve invited him into your living room—him, or a reasonable facsimile of him, that is…tiny boxes…

New Gild Jewelers Wants To Help Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

By Linda Raines / April 30, 2022

Spring is the season for love, and where there is love, marriage is sure to follow. In this day and…

Love and Marriage with Mike Augustyniak and Eric Henderson

By Conlan Carter / March 10, 2022

Like many modern married couples (one in ten, to be precise), Mike Augustyniak and Eric Henderson met at work. Specifically,…

Backyard Wedding Sites: From Gardens to Glass Houses

By E.R Shaffer / March 10, 2022

When two people decide to embark on a new life together, there’s always cause for celebration. While media (both past…

Real Couples – Janine Vesper and Kendra Curry

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how’d you meet?  Janine: We first met in 1996? We worked for the same company and Kendra was on…

Real Couples – Nikki and Whitney Graf

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how’d you meet? We met playing football for the Minnesota Vixen. Nikki was a linebacker and Whitney was…

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