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Summer Fashion Report, 2023 Edition

By Linden M. Bayliss / June 29, 2023

Summer heat is in full swing, and so is summer fashion. Sure, everything is sticking to your thighs, but hey,…

Together in Harmony: Conscientious Coffee, Clothes and Home Goods

By Buer Carlie / June 1, 2023

Erik Hamline opened Together – a clothing and home goods store in Northeast Minneapolis – at the tail end of…

The Lavish Lab Experience

By Analise Pruni / March 9, 2023

According to its creators, Lavish Lab may be a “new baby” in décor, design and event planning, but really it…

Welcome to the 2023 Pride Pages Directory

By Lavender / December 29, 2022

Click here to view the Pride Pages Directory. In the face of adversity, how a person—or a community, a nation,…

Inside Out – Style Consultant DeX Santillan Mixes AFAB Matches

By Terrance Griep / September 8, 2022

“They’re uncomfortable,” DeX Santillan laments, describing a group of people who somehow feel both invisible and inhibited, who sometimes even…

Pooling Around – Splashy Men’s Swim Styles for Spring and Summer

By Mikey Rox / July 14, 2022

Slap some style where the sun don’t shine – if clothing is mandatory, that is – in our broad spectrum…

Kaftans For Everyone! And, Swimwear, Too!

By Randy Stern / June 2, 2022

“Fashion fluid,” “gender neutral,” “size inclusive,” and “age appropriate” are terms you rarely see in the fashion world.  When you…

Biz Buzz: Max’s

By Linda Raines / June 2, 2022

Business: Max’s Your Name: Ellen Hertz            Job Title: Owner  Give us a brief overview of your business and what services you provide the…

Backyard Wedding Sites: From Gardens to Glass Houses

By E.R Shaffer / March 10, 2022

When two people decide to embark on a new life together, there’s always cause for celebration. While media (both past…

Time After Time – New Gild Jeweler Jen Bellefleur Makes New Love Old Again

By Terrance Griep / March 10, 2022

“’Thou shalt not’ is soon forgotten, but ‘Once upon a time’ lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman  The most told and…

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