A Word In Edgewise: Another “Sorry” Situation

By E.B. Boatner / September 9, 2021

Some people can say egregious things and be remembered warmly for decades, quoted with a chuckle like Yogi Berra’s sage…

Minnesota Black History, Part II

By Ryan Patchin / February 25, 2021

Tracing back: Modern consequences of antiquated enactments The latest Census Bureau data shows that of Minnesota’s 5.6 million residents, about…

A Word In Edgewise: Ratiocination or Lizard Hind-Brain: What’s Your Pleasure?

By E.B. Boatner / February 25, 2021

Photo by BigStock/volodymyrscherbak In 1374, along the Rhine valley, hundreds of townsfolk danced compulsively–non-stop, for days–to exhaustion, even death. The…

A Word In Edgewise: Freely-Given, or Gelt-Gaining?

By E.B. Boatner / February 11, 2021

Photo by Bigstock/TungCheung “Pardon me!” “I beg your pardon!” were phrases drilled into to me from childhood. Simple politeness. One…

Skirting the Issues: The Common Good

By Ellen Krug / February 11, 2021

Photo by Bigstock/PathDoc When I was a kid growing up in the 1960s and early ‘70s, I believed that who…

Top 10 Cultural Moments of 2020

By Brett Burger / December 17, 2020

Listen, we all know that 2020 was awful. It was garbage, a dumpster fire; a trash heap…. whatever way you…

Skirting the Issues: Consequences

By Ellen Krug / December 17, 2020

Photo by BigStock/Michiru1313 As they say, elections have consequences. Somewhere around noon on Saturday, November 7th, one consequence of the…

Skirting the Issues: Weighing on You

By Ellen Krug / August 27, 2020

To a Zoom audience of nearly 100, I asked, “How many white-color parents or grandparents here have ever had a…

Skirting The Issues: The Fate of the Republic

By Ellen Krug / July 30, 2020

Photo by BigStock/N_Defender On my 2020 calendar is a date: November 3. It’s been circled since way back in mid-2019,…

Skirting The Issues: Sirens

By Ellen Krug / July 2, 2020

Photo courtesy of BigStock/vmargineanu I write a couple weeks after the horrific killing of George Floyd, which was followed by…

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