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North of Normal, South of Strange

By Carla Waldemar / December 2, 2021

You saw the movie.  But the cult film Fargo wasn’t actually filmed in Fargo, so head on over to discover what-all the Coen…

Relaxing and Rewilding in Ironwood, MI

By Andrew Stark / December 2, 2021

Yoop·er (n): A native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is an umbrella term that can also…

“Scarlet Letters” – According to Dan Savage’s New Book, Sex Advice Is as Easy as A, B, C

By Terrance Griep / December 2, 2021

Some indulge in lilies, some exult in pearls—and sure, most serve cake, ideally a tall cake slathered in sweet frosting—but…

All Saints – A Celebration of Stylized Wood-Fired Everything

By Carla Waldemar / December 2, 2021

Holy smokes! All Saints has fired up its wood-burning grill, infusing everything from its focaccia to cukes, beets and broccolini…

Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus – Holiday Concert

By Brett Burger / December 2, 2021

The Twin Cities Gay Mens Chorus, currently in their 41st season, is back for the holidays. Last time I spoke…

Comedian Emma Willmann Performing this Weekend in Saint Paul

By Linda / December 1, 2021

Hilarious and wonderfully talented NYC-based Emma Willmann (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, HBO’s Crashing) will be headlining a…

Tandem Vintage – Timelessness Is Always On Trend

By Isaac Johnson / November 18, 2021

The whole world’s a stage, but for many it’s a runway. I certainly feel that way, every day. Especially now,…

Biz Buzz – New Gild Jewelers

By Linda Raines / November 18, 2021

Business:  New Gild Jewelers Your Name: Jen Bellefleur Job Title:  Co-Owner Give us a brief overview of your business and what services…

From Utica, With Love: Drag Race Star Utica Queen Returns Home with Costume Exhibition

By Conlan Carter / November 18, 2021

Hailing from Utica, MN (pop. 291), Utica Queen recently skyrocketed to international fame after killing it on the latest Emmy-winning…

The Head Table – In Conversation with Bret Bannon

By E.R Shaffer / November 18, 2021

Few things stress me out more than being in the kitchen. My cooking space always feels inadequate in some way…

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