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LGBTQ+ Under 40: Luminaries Making This Community a Better Place

By Lavender / October 21, 2021

Nur-D – Hip Hop Artist/Activist/Disseminator of Impossibly Good Vibes Nur-D has been a rising star in the Twin Cities music…

At This Age

By Jamez L. Smith / September 23, 2021

I need new memories My regrets are haunting me of late The things I could have done The turns I…

Every Month Is Pride Month

By Kassidy Tarala / September 9, 2021

This year’s East Central Minnesota Pride will be unlike any other—for more reasons than one. Of course, June will always…

Skirting The Issues: Osseo

By Ellen Krug / September 9, 2021

There are many ways to change the world. For example, some take to the streets and march with sheer numbers…

From the Editor: On the Masculinity Myth

By Andrew Stark / September 9, 2021

“Human nature, like God,” writes Carolyn Merchant in The Death of Nature (1980), “consisted of a unity of equal male-female principles.” The goal,…

From the Editor

By Andrew Stark / August 26, 2021

Fall is a period of self-reflection.              This time of year, I try to get into the woods as often as…

A Word In Edgewise: Life Imitates Art

By E.B. Boatner / August 12, 2021

Scrooge McDuck, vainly attempting to close the door on his three-cubic-acre money bin as it bulges and spills specie across…

Lee Roehl: A Celebration of Life

By Holly Peterson / August 12, 2021

Lee Roehl’s impact on the LGBTQ+ community in the Twin Cities cannot be overstated. A self-described “networking queen,” this effervescent…

Skirting the Issues: Jack

By Ellen Krug / August 12, 2021

Photo courtesy of Ellen Krug For someone who values her time—especially having the ability to sit and write uninterrupted or…

Meet Me on the Midway

By Linda Raines / August 12, 2021

Heat waves shimmering above asphalt and concrete, dust motes shining and floating in shafts of streaming light and elevated by…

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