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A Word In Edgewise: Faster, Furiouser-–Whither? 

By E.B. Boatner / June 16, 2022

It was a different world, then. Of course, it always is. If I tell you mine was slower, calmer, a…

LGBTQ Under 40 – Casey Nichols

By Ashley Berning / June 16, 2022

Casey Nichols grew up in Ogden, Utah, part of a Mormon family in the conservative town, where everyone is pressured…

Lavender Magazine Community Award – Individual: Reverend Doctor DeWayne Davis

By E.R Shaffer / June 16, 2022

Raised by a Pentecostal minister in Indianola Mississippi, Reverend Doctor DeWayne Davis grew up as the youngest of fifteen children.…

Lavender Magazine Community Award – Ally: Krystyne Frandson

By Randy Stern / June 16, 2022

Sometimes it takes a spark to take the lead in a community. Between St. Cloud and Fargo is Fergus Falls.…

Life is Experiential: Brigadier General Dan Gabrielli

By Isaac Johnson / June 16, 2022

They say life is a gift. The unwrapping of life’s present is usually a cascade of mysteries of the unknown.…

Diversity & Inclusion at the Minnesota National Guard

By Isaac Johnson / June 16, 2022

The Minnesota National Guard has been way ahead of the game when it comes to diversity and inclusion compared to…

Lavender Magazine Community Award – Individual: Father Harry Hartigan

By Terrance Griep / June 16, 2022

“Our elders who have stood up against hate, fought for equality and inclusion, spoken out and educated others now are…

Lavender Magazine Community Award: Katrina Koesterman and Rebel Marie

By Randy Stern / June 16, 2022

Transgender issues continue to take a larger role in our community’s quest for expanded rights nationwide. On the banks of…

LGBTQ Under 40: Tyler Mulcahey Peters

By Randy Stern / June 16, 2022

To be become a future leader in our community, you must be ready to take on the responsibility of doing…

LGBTQ Under 40 – Alfonso Wenker

By Ashley Berning / June 16, 2022

Alfonso Wenker is a 2009 University of Saint Thomas graduate, and the founder of his consulting company, Team Dynamics, which…

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