Jamez L. Smith

Jamez Sitings: History Is Significant To Herstory An Ourstory

By Jamez L. Smith / February 9, 2023

Man is oblivious Of himself Of his space Of what he takes up in the world Lacking self-awareness Incapable of…

Welcome (A Covid Poem)

By Jamez L. Smith / January 12, 2023

All this talk of the Asymptomatic The unsympathetic Is almost as comical As it is alarming Getting a taste Of…

Jamez Sitings: Vintage

By Jamez L. Smith / November 3, 2022

Vintage The opportunities I was not ready for Haunt me  In this season Of thinning veils I’m haunted By could…


By Jamez L. Smith / June 16, 2022

Queer, Afro-Chicanx, non-binary, multi-disciplinary Minneapolis based artist DJ DIE/ASPORA (D/A), aka Cristian Ybarra, is a 27-year-old curator and music selector…

Jamez Sitings: They Don’t Have To Say ‘Gay’

By Jamez L. Smith / June 2, 2022

We wereUnspeakableDeniable We existed just the same Our forbidden haunts,Sacred sanctuary.Our forbidden love, Forever true. Self-celebratory,We outgrew shame.Evolved into ourselves.Marched the…

Jamez Sitings: Who Asked You?

By Jamez L. Smith / May 19, 2022

Being this oldthis brokenIs a blessing And exhausting Dismiss my tearsCondemn me Misread my smileDeny me Project your fearsReject  me You’ve…

Jamez Sitings: Covid Serenade

By Jamez L. Smith / February 10, 2022

Where is my voice? Will I recover the ability to sing? Have I yet to fully recover,  or is it…

A Single Candle

By Jamez L. Smith / January 13, 2022

Illuminates Makes Darkness Beautiful Makes The World Brighter Gives Shadow Form Gives emptiness substance Be That Candle Shining As Proudly…

On James Patrick Martin

By Jamez L. Smith / December 2, 2021

Death, faced with Dignity, Grace, and an awe-inspiring expansive Awareness. Inevitability embraced with the curiosity of a precocious child. Wisdom…

Infinitely, More Than A Number

By Jamez L. Smith / November 4, 2021

So… I met this guy – at a party. Real cutie. Really into me, like I’m really into him. He…

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