Mark Segal

Mark My Words: Somewhere Between Chicago and Ottawa…

By Mark Segal / October 6, 2022

August isn’t supposed to be busy, but as we’ve all learned, this year seems to have lots of surprises. Last…

Mark My Words: Stonewall & Visibility At 34,000 Feet Up

By Mark Segal / August 11, 2022

On my United Airlines flight from London to Newark, when boredom set in during the seven and a half hour…

Mark My Words: The Continual Process of Naming Our Community

By Mark Segal / June 2, 2022

There’s been an interesting debate going on in our community, and it’s been a continuous one for many years now.…

Trans Women In Sports Is A Fight For Equality 

By Mark Segal / June 2, 2022

There’s an important issue in the community and around the country that many of us don’t understand fully, and it…

How Connecting the Dots Change LGBTQ History

By Mark Segal / June 2, 2022

I’m in Chicago, Skokie to be exact, at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, which is hosting the LGBTQ history exhibit “Rise…

Mark My Words: My Late Valentine to Jason and Mom

By Mark Segal / February 24, 2022

Isn’t love grand!  We just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and for anybody who has that special someone in our lives, it’s…

Mark My Words: Let’s Talk Sports

By Mark Segal / January 27, 2022

Some very exciting news is happening in the sports world that is changing the worldview on LGBT rights equality and…

A Little Wisdom in the New Year

By Mark Segal / January 13, 2022

This has been a hard year, or should we say a hard two years for all of us. Or was…

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