Ellen Krug

Skirting the Issues: Speed Bump

By Ellen Krug / October 7, 2021

In less than three months, my life will take a distinctive shift—I’ll move from the “under-65-years-old” category to “65-and-older.”  For…

Skirting The Issues: Osseo

By Ellen Krug / September 9, 2021

There are many ways to change the world. For example, some take to the streets and march with sheer numbers…

Skirting the Issues: Jack

By Ellen Krug / August 12, 2021

Photo courtesy of Ellen Krug For someone who values her time—especially having the ability to sit and write uninterrupted or…

Skirting the Issues: Unlearning Selfishness

By Ellen Krug / July 15, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/EvgeniiAnd For several years up through the present, whenever I speak to audiences, I make what I…

Skirting the Issues: Non-Retirement

By Ellen Krug / June 17, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/PhotoSpirit I’ve been thinking about retirement. As in, “I’ll never retire.” I write those words as scores…

Skirting The Issues: Silver Lining

By Ellen Krug / May 20, 2021

As we slowly make our way out of pandemic-induced hell, I’d like to share about the best thing to happen…

Skirting the Issues: Plant Whisperer 

By Ellen Krug / April 22, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Vladimka In addition to all the other personal things that I’ve shared here—no doubt some would quickly …

Skirting The Issues: Exuberance

By Ellen Krug / April 8, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Mihailo K In January, I moved from a cramped twelfth-floor heart-of-downtown Minneapolis condo to a two-story house…

Skirting The issues: Easy Prey

By Ellen Krug / March 11, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Paha_L It’s a tough time to be a transgender or nonbinary youth in America. (Due to word…

Skirting the Issues: The Common Good

By Ellen Krug / February 11, 2021

Photo by Bigstock/PathDoc When I was a kid growing up in the 1960s and early ‘70s, I believed that who…

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