Dating & Relationships

Real Couples – Jacob Yates and Audie Howe

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how’d you meet? Jake: We met online when Audie said “Hi” and talked online for weeks before we…

Real Couples – Jordan Tyler Greenslit and Kamaree Williams

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how did you meet?  We met on October 17th 2016 at what used to be called The Townhouse…

Real Couples – Anthony Cook and Christopher Kohler

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how’d you meet? Anthony & Christopher: We originally met online around 2006. There was a spark and connection but…

Time After Time – New Gild Jeweler Jen Bellefleur Makes New Love Old Again

By Terrance Griep / March 10, 2022

“’Thou shalt not’ is soon forgotten, but ‘Once upon a time’ lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman  The most told and…

Real Couples – Ryan and Paul McEnaney-Rodriguez

By Linda Raines / March 10, 2022

When and how’d you meet?  We met at an outdoor brewery festival 5 years ago, each attending with our own…

Denny Jacobson – A Bright, Shining Light

By Ashley Berning / March 10, 2022

Denny Jacobson realized he was gay at a young age – five or six, he says – but in the…

2022 Valentine’s Gift Guide

By Lavender / January 27, 2022

DINOSAUR BONE CUFF LINKS AND RING SETJewelry by Johan This coordinating set of accessories features REAL meteorite and fossilized dinosaur…

From the Editor: Reinterpreting Rejection

By Andrew Stark / January 13, 2022

I was having absinthe with a friend recently, at Estelle in Saint Paul, talking music. This particular friend has an…

Leather Life: Are We There Yet?

By Steve Lenius / December 16, 2021

With 2021 mostly in the rearview mirror, and with 2022 approaching, I’d like to begin this column with a memory…

“Scarlet Letters” – According to Dan Savage’s New Book, Sex Advice Is as Easy as A, B, C

By Terrance Griep / December 2, 2021

Some indulge in lilies, some exult in pearls—and sure, most serve cake, ideally a tall cake slathered in sweet frosting—but…

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