Our Couples – Fall Edition: Ryan Schneider and Anthony McClellan

Photos provided by Ryan Schneider
Photos provided by Ryan Schneider

In every Love and Marriage issue, we try to feature some of our own couples who provide with insights on their lives from their own perspective. In this issue, we are featuring one special couple from Southeast Minnesota – Ryan Schneider and Anthony McClellan.

Their story is all about love from the start. Let them tell you their story…

How did you both meet?

We met at a young age. We lived only a few blocks from each other in our small hometown. We were close friends around ages 8-10 when we went to the same church and were in the same confirmation year. When high school started, we sort of lost touch for a while as Anthony attended a high school in Rochester. Then, in 2011 we worked at the local swimming pool together as lifeguards. The summer of 2011 was the summer of love when we grew closer as a couple. As the years went on, we grew even more close and fell in love. 

Talk about the highlights of your life journey together.

Knowing each other at a young age has made it extra special because we have been like family most of our lives. Our families are very close as they have known each other for as long or longer than our relationship. We have developed a love of travel together and have been to many places together; Hawaii, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Palm Springs, and Disneyland just to name a few. We’ve also made many friends together during our relationship and love to spend time with our friends and our families. We also enjoy attending live theater together, and once a year we both are involved with our local community theater production. In 2020, we purchased a home together and are enjoying making it our own. We have done a lot of improvements to our house and love to entertain family and friends often.

Talk about your present and future as a couple.

We currently live in Plainview, our small hometown near Rochester, MN. We love living near our friends and family in Southeast Minnesota. Our friends are a huge part of our lives and our future. We will continue our sporadic weekend trips to the Twin Cities to visit our friends up there, take in events, visit new restaurants, and enjoy the nightlife that the Twin Cities has to offer. We still haven’t found time to go on our honeymoon, so we can’t wait to do that in the near future. Our future will include many more travels together and we’ll continue to grow our relationship with whatever challenges come our way.

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