Issue 695

Homeward Bound – Poet Jennifer Huang’s Debut Poetry Collection Is a Pilgrimage to the Self

By Conlan Carter / January 13, 2022

Where do you return to when no place feels like home? This is one of many questions posed by poet…

Pride Journey: Kalamazoo, Michigan

By Joey Amato / January 13, 2022

Yes, Kalamazoo is a real place! I personally never questioned its realness, however, I did see a ton of souvenirs…

Words of Wisdom – In Conversation with Patrick Scully

By Ashley Berning / January 13, 2022

Every community has their culture bearers, those who share their stories and knowledge with the younger generations in order to…

A Single Candle

By Jamez L. Smith / January 13, 2022

Illuminates Makes Darkness Beautiful Makes The World Brighter Gives Shadow Form Gives emptiness substance Be That Candle Shining As Proudly…

A Day In The Life – Analise Pruni

By Linda Raines / January 13, 2022

• Where did you grow up? I lived in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until I was 12 years old (Go…

Taking It Back – RECLAIM Takes Possession of Queer and Trans Youth Oppression

By Terrance Griep / January 13, 2022

As she trudges from the station to the bus, the slate-colored sky clears its throat, begins whispering to her in…

Our Rides: Winterizing Your Vehicle (and Yourself)

By Randy Stern / January 13, 2022

Certainly, winter has arrived. But is it really a wonderland? If you commute anywhere across our region, winter presents its…

Fitness With Compassion – The Heart is a Muscle

By Isaac Johnson / January 13, 2022

It can be a rarity to find a personal trainer who’s just like you. Someone who can empathize and relate,…

Eat the Menu: Sooki It to Me

By Carla Waldemar / January 13, 2022

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? You all know that one. And how do you get tapped for the…

Kenai Fjords: Best Place to Enjoy Glaciers and Wildlife

By Lavender / January 13, 2022

By Frankie Girl There are some parts of the world where time moves more slowly. Where epochs come and go…

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