Andrew Stark

The Pride of Minneapolis – In Conversation with Nur-D

By Andrew Stark / June 2, 2022

Nur-D is the musical personification of Minneapolis-based activist Matt Allen, who routinely drops fun-in-the-sun bangers, party rock with heart, anthemic…

Beer Thirty at Three Twenty – On Writing and Beer (And Writing About Beer)

By Andrew Stark / April 7, 2022

Writing is not fun, and anybody who claims otherwise is merely stringing words together. Dave Eggers, in his introduction to…

Getaway Cabins – Be Kind, Unwind

By Andrew Stark / March 24, 2022

This little getaway couldn’t have come at a more welcome time. Pardon the metaphor right off the bat, but the…

Dark Bunny – We Only Come Out at Night

By Andrew Stark / February 24, 2022

Dark Bunny is a vibe. Their music stings like a hit of nostalgia, sweeping, lush, hazy, filled with epic flourishes…

MidModMen+friends – Make Like the Phoenix and Rise Anew

By Andrew Stark / February 10, 2022

People who shop at MidModMen+friends in Saint Anthony Park know what they’re doing. They furnish and decorate their living spaces…

From the Editor- Currently Vibing

By Andrew Stark / February 10, 2022

I want to take a brief step away from what’s become my typical format for these letters, and discuss a…

Iliana and Anna Regan: Milkweed Inn – These Trees Dream in Technicolor

By Andrew Stark / February 10, 2022

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a wild place, rivaled in its wildness—in my personal experience, if we’re talking North America—by the…

From the Editor: Sports!

By Andrew Stark / January 27, 2022

Let me apologize in advance. Most sports, especially football, are white noise to me. Ostensibly, yes, I get the camaraderie…

From the Editor: Reinterpreting Rejection

By Andrew Stark / January 13, 2022

I was having absinthe with a friend recently, at Estelle in Saint Paul, talking music. This particular friend has an…

Saint Croix State Park & the Parable of the Two Wolves

By Andrew Stark / December 16, 2021

Day 1. Nature Right away, we see a wolf at close range.  I’ve just hopped in with Megan Johnsen, Minnesota…

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