Issue 693

Ness Nite – The Archer & the Artist

By Conlan Carter / December 16, 2021

For a musical artist like Ness Nite—whose music is a mellow, layered mix of subaquatic R&B, rap, modern pop, an…

Saint Croix State Park & the Parable of the Two Wolves

By Andrew Stark / December 16, 2021

Day 1. Nature Right away, we see a wolf at close range.  I’ve just hopped in with Megan Johnsen, Minnesota…

Our Rides: The Newest Pickup Trucks Are Now Much Smaller

By Randy Stern / December 16, 2021

Now that pickup trucks have grown larger, perhaps it’s time for some of these workhorses to shrink down to size. …

A Day In The Life – Jessie Chandler

By Lavender / December 16, 2021

Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Siren, Wisconsin, a teeny berg about 90 miles northeast of Minneapolis.…

Nothing to Hide – LGBTQ Archives Allow Visitors To Study What’s In Plain Sight

By Terrance Griep / December 16, 2021

If you’re a reader of a certain vintage, you might remember a series of game books wherein the main character…

Stillwater – Minnesota’s Origin Story

By Andrew Stark / December 16, 2021

Stillwater is a magical place. It’s one of those Midwestern towns bustling with tourists but still manages to maintain its…

Viva la Bienestar – Latino Alternative Television Gives Voice to the Unspeakable

By Terrance Griep / December 16, 2021

The stage manager scuttles away, leaving the singer alone with the thought of cockroaches…until that thought scuttles away, too. The audience rustles unevenly within the shared darkness, left…


By E.B. Boatner / December 16, 2021

The Aeneid Vergil translated by Shadi Bartsch Modern Library?$18  Shadi Bartsch presents an Aeneid resuscitated and brought to life from Latin II. Like Emiy…

From the Editor: Two Wolves

By Andrew Stark / December 16, 2021

A few Januaries ago, I visited Mackinac Island for a story that never materialized. I wanted to visit the island,…

Stings Like the Dickens – A Local League Perfects the Art of Dodging

By Terrance Griep / December 16, 2021

“Some people fear the game, because it involves being hit with a fast-flying ball,” the Commissioner acknowledges. “As a young…

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