Issue 674

Delightfully Lost In Bemidji

By Ryan Patchin / March 25, 2021

Photos courtesy of Visit Bemidji A gem of Northern Minnesota, and a Lavender standby, is Bemidji. The city has fewer…

North Shore Quarterly: Cook County Calmness

By Ryan Patchin / March 25, 2021

Photos shared with permission by Visit Cook County Springtime in Minnesota is something to behold—a true eco-awakening. There’s a lot…

Minnesota’s Birthplace Does Not Sit ‘Still’

By Mike Marcotte / March 25, 2021

Photos courtesy of Mike Marcotte Stillwater creates a perfect staycation destination only minutes from the cities. As the host of…

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

By Kassidy Tarala / March 25, 2021

Summer is finally around the corner, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shares how you can make the most…

“Katy Has Two Grampas”

By Holly Peterson / March 25, 2021

Photos by Julie Schanke Lyford Katy, an imaginative elementary-aged girl with a speech impediment, is thrilled when her teacher announces…

From the Editor: The Birthplace of Spring Break

By Ryan Patchin / March 25, 2021

I was eight years old when I received the largest Christmas present of my life. In literal terms, the largest.…

A Word In Edgewise: One Man’s Cult Is Another Man’s Culture

By E.B. Boatner / March 25, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/SvetaZi What is a cult? Who becomes a cult leader and what is their appeal? The lines…

Coming Attractions: Streaming Wars – HBO MAX

By Brett Burger / March 25, 2021

Photo couresty of BigStock/Vladimka We’ve covered Netflix and Hulu both in this multi-column streaming wars piece. As I mentioned before,…

Daniel Hodges. Photo by Shuttersmack Photography + Filmmaking

Music With A Mission: The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

By Ryan Patchin / March 25, 2021

Daniel Hodges. Photo by Shuttersmack Photography + Filmmaking Singing their way through 40 seasons of celebrating diversity and using music…

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