Brett Burger

Announcing the Arts

By Brett Burger / October 7, 2021

Over the last few months we’ve been excited to see continuous press release after release to see the newest seasons…

Coming Attractions: Touring Broadway Is Back!

By Brett Burger / September 9, 2021

While we continue to see many of our own local theatres reopen, the return of touring Broadway is imminent. Hennepin…

Guthrie Announcement

By Brett Burger / August 26, 2021

I just get more giddy every time I open my email to see countless theatre season announcements. This week I’m…

Coming Attractions: New Name, New Season and a Fresh Start

By Brett Burger / August 12, 2021

I feel like a giddy school child as I continue to get more and more press releases about theatres reopening…

A Lyrical Start To A Fresh New Season

By Brett Burger / July 15, 2021

Photo courtesy of Lyric Arts As more and more theatres open up, that means plenty of season announcements in my…

Broadway Is Back At The Ordway!

By Brett Burger / July 1, 2021

Photo courtesy of the Ordway I can’t express how excited I was when I received this press release that was…

Looking Back at 40 Years of HIV

By Brett Burger / July 1, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/viperagp During the month of Pride, we both celebrate and remember both the triumphs we’ve made as…

Lavender Community Pride Award for LGBTQ Individual – Tito Catuncan

By Brett Burger / June 17, 2021

Tito Catuncan. Photo by Mai Choua Thao The Lavender Community Awards go to someone who demonstrates not only a clear…

Lavender Community Pride Award for LGBTQ Individual – Timothy De Prey

By Brett Burger / June 17, 2021

Timothy De Prey. Photo courtesy of Timothy De Prey Timothy De Prey joined the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, who…

In The Face of Pandemic, The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus Carries On

By Brett Burger / June 3, 2021

Photo courtesy of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus As the CDC continues to make more assessments on the ongoing pandemic,…

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