Queer-ish V-Day Gifts for the Queers You Love-ish: 2023 Ed-ish


Spread the love (and lust) this Valentine’s Day with these festive, fun and sometimes frisky gifts to fill all your special someones’ (hey, we don’t judge) hearts with happiness and felt appreciation. 

Love Script Pillows

PillowScript’s royal-hued love script pillows – in green, red, blue or gray – imbue your personal space with optimism, openness and a velvety softness smoother than Cupid’s bare bottom. $50, PillowScript.com

Fondue Feasts

You dip, she dips, they dip bite-size savories and sweets into BOSKA’s cheese and chocolate fondue sets equally suited for a sophisticated date night at home or as the centerpiece of a ’70s-inspired Galentine’s party. Better dust off the orgy lamp, Loretta. $33-$44, USA.Boska.com

Playboy Pleasure

One could assume that a synonymous-with-sex brand like Playboy would already have a leg (or two) up on the adult-toy industry, but its recently launched, first-foray Playboy Pleasure line couldn’t be rushed: The inaugural collection includes vibrators with heating, tapping and thrusting functions; a spinning butt plug; multi-motor cock rings; toys with flickering tongues; solo strokers, and a first-of-its-kind flapper shaft for the G-spot. $26-$200, LoversStores.com

Covered in Love

Kisses and hugs and on-the-couch snugs are instantly cozier in Sunday Citizen’s XOXO throw or the Mamas Blanket x Calhoun & Co.’s pink-and-red girl-power blanket for wrapping up near-and-dear babes and broads. $170, SundayCitizen.co; $138, AustinMotelStore.com

Vesta x Chinola Chocolates

Leave the Stover’s on the supermarket shelf and improve your chocolate-gifting game with limited-edition Chinola bonbon and ganache chocolates, the melt-in-your-mouth collab between Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur and Vesta Chocolate, co-founded by Chef Roger Rodriguez, handcrafted with from-the-source Dominican cacao. $25-$48, VestaChocolate.com

Lace Charms

Customize your kicks with splashes of shimmer and sparkle when you outfit their laces with attention-catching beads and baubles – like the Lace Charms’ Digital Pink Bundle, featuring gold stars and rosy bling-bling – fit for sneakerhead kings and kweens. $30-$75, LaceCharms.com

Verve Culture Juicer

You’ll get your lips kissed when you twirl a Sunkist on the stylish Verve Culture artisan citrus juicer (available in gold, rose gold, and black), your new go-to hand-operated appliance that gilds the lily of an already decadent holiday brunch in bed. $98-$150,verveculture.com

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