Mikey Rox

Live Your Best Life In Some New Swimwear

By Mikey Rox / August 10, 2023

In the heat of the summer, you want to be prepared to keep cool. Especially when you’re heading to the…

Queer-ish V-Day Gifts for the Queers You Love-ish: 2023 Ed-ish

By Mikey Rox / February 9, 2023

Spread the love (and lust) this Valentine’s Day with these festive, fun and sometimes frisky gifts to fill all your…

You Are What You Eat: LGBTQ Foods and Where to Get ’Em  

By Mikey Rox / November 3, 2022

Looking for more ways to support your LGBTQ community post-Pride? Pack your pantries with these swishy snacks and swills created by and…

Pooling Around – Splashy Men’s Swim Styles for Spring and Summer

By Mikey Rox / July 14, 2022

Slap some style where the sun don’t shine – if clothing is mandatory, that is – in our broad spectrum…

Playing Cupid: Gay Matchmaker Amari Ice Aims For the Heart

By Mikey Rox / June 2, 2022

Recently or still single? No sweat. Game-changing, history-making queer matchmaker Amari Ice (he recently paired the first successful gay couple…

5 Things We’re Not Gon’ Do in 2022

By Mikey Rox / January 27, 2022

What’s our motto for the New Year? No-effiing-more. Starting now. Here’s what we’re not gon’ do in 2022. The 2020s…

Upper-Lip Service: 26 of Pop Culture’s Most Memorable Mustaches of the Past and Present

By Mikey Rox / November 9, 2021

Mustache culture has lost its historical edge over the past few years as the peak-and-valley trend has taken on a…

A Stop-and-Chat with Bounce Queen Big Freedia

By Mikey Rox / November 4, 2021

There wasn’t much good news coming out of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans in 2005, but bounce music queen Big Freedia changed…

House Beautiful (And Cheap-ish!)

By Mikey Rox / November 4, 2021

Interior Design Hacks for Budget-Conscious First-Time Buyers Upon the initial walk-through of the first home I’d buy, my head was…

The Ex Factor: How to Forge a Friendship From a Bad Romance

By Mikey Rox / October 7, 2021

Forging a friendship from the extinguished flames of a formerly romantic relationship is no easy task, but shutting him, her…

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