On James Patrick Martin

Death, faced with Dignity, Grace, and an awe-inspiring expansive Awareness. Inevitability embraced with the curiosity of a precocious child. Wisdom shared with the Love of a Caring Elder.

I celebrate his passing, knowing the release he so craved has been awarded. He is no longer in pain. 

I cannot mourn. He prepared so well. He was ready.

On the other hand: I am saddened. Selfishly.

He said he regretted not getting closer, sooner. Regretted being aloof.

I wasn’t bothered. Admired his stoic nature. When he did open up, it was all the sweeter.


His illness strengthened our friendship. As cancer seemed to strengthen his spirit.

His innate wisdom blossomed in the truth of it. I still marvel.

I cannot mourn. Yet. 

I am happy for him. Share his excitement for the journey. The next assignment.

A new project. He said he had work yet to do here, on this Earth. Work better done from the other side.

Work to benefit us all.

I’m grateful to have a new Member on The Team. A new Ally amongst the gods and the stars.


It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking, that he was ever sick at all.

He bore it so well. I can’t be angry.


I met Jimmy during 3-4-1s at Bubbles. Joshua Llewellyn introduced us. I thought they were a couple. 

Jimmy and I, from the first moment, engaged in the deepest conversations. And we Harmonized. Differing viewpoints coexisting Peacefully. Delightfully.

Over the years, our interactions were sporadic, yet, and still, frequent. We rarely planned to hangout. Be we regularly crossed paths. 

No. Our paths more than crossed. They converged. Gloriously. Diverged organically, before reconvening Unexpectedly somewhere else. Always delightfully.

The few times we put effort towards hanging out, were equally delightful.

I keep using the word “Delightful” because it is exact and precise. Synonyms merely hint at the Truth. 


James told me had cancer during a random encounter on the street. It was a matter-of-fact announcement, made with the same candor with which he’d share an upcoming soccer match, or a new song he liked. 

He was already ok with it. Eager to explore what it meant and what he might learn. 

After the 14lb tumor was removed from his belly, he had the nurses take pictures to share on his phone. He posted regular updates from his deathbed. Shared his first FB Live video 5 days before he died. It is a beautiful video. I encourage everyone to watch it. I even shared it with a friend who claimed to have Zero Reasons to live, in hopes it might inspire.

Jimmy had reasons to live. He had reasons to face death. He had reasons to fight to survive.

He did all three with Dignity, Grace, and Awareness, the whole while looking forward to crossing over and continuing his work. On our behalf.

Witnessing James’ journey was a blessing. His nonchalant acceptance remains inspiring.

I am blessed, we all are blessed, to have such a Powerful Ally in the Spirit Realm.

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