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Streaming Wars: Amazon Original Content

By Brett Burger / April 22, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Alex Ruhl The last big hitter for our streaming wars series is Amazon Prime. Yes, the company…

Coming Attractions: Streaming Wars – HBO MAX

By Brett Burger / March 25, 2021

Photo couresty of BigStock/Vladimka We’ve covered Netflix and Hulu both in this multi-column streaming wars piece. As I mentioned before,…

Daniel Hodges. Photo by Shuttersmack Photography + Filmmaking

Music With A Mission: The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

By Ryan Patchin / March 25, 2021

Daniel Hodges. Photo by Shuttersmack Photography + Filmmaking Singing their way through 40 seasons of celebrating diversity and using music…

Art in the City: Galleries Reopen in Minneapolis

By Ryan Patchin / February 25, 2021

Walker Art Center | Contemporary Art Museum. Photo by Ryan Patchin Minneapolis is home to several world-class art galleries. For…

Twin Cities Arts Scene: Early Spring 2021

By Holly Peterson / February 25, 2021

The arts are having a tough time of it in the pandemic, but there are still plenty of fun things…

Streaming Wars – Hulu

By Brett Burger / February 25, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Vladimka When we think of streaming, many of us first think of the OG content creator being…

Hemisphere Inspires You to Achieve the American Dream

By Joey Amato / January 28, 2021

Rob Shinno is the founder of San Diego-based band Hemisphere, a fixture in the Southern California LGBTQ music scene. Shinno…

Coming Attractions: Streaming Wars: Netflix Originals

By Brett Burger / January 28, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Vantage.DS The streaming wars have been a hot topic of conversation amongst TV and movie buffs, heating…

Taylor Seaberg Wins Lavender Scholarship

By Ryan Patchin / December 17, 2020

Lavender is delighted to announce the first recipient of the Lavender Scholarship. Taylor Ngiri Seaberg is a gender non-binary, third…

Top 10 Cultural Moments of 2020

By Brett Burger / December 17, 2020

Listen, we all know that 2020 was awful. It was garbage, a dumpster fire; a trash heap…. whatever way you…

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