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US lawmakers protest arrest, parade of guests at a gay wedding in Nigeria

On Tuesday, a group of Black American LGBTQ lawmakers protested in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Northwest Washington, condemning the recent arrest and parade of 67 gay suspects at a same-sex wedding in Delta State, the Washington Blade is reporting. Read the full article at Preimium Times


Anti-gay clerk Kim Davis court-ordered to pay $10K to same-sex couple to whom she refused marriage license

A court has ordered former Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to pay $10,000 to a gay same-sex couple because she refused to issue a marriage license to them. Her lawyers plan to appeal the decision. See full article at


Ricky Martin’s anti-gay, rumored ex is running for president in Mexico

According to Newsweek, Eduardo Verástegui, alleged ex-boyfriend of Ricky Martin, has filed to run as an independent in the country’s June 2024 election. Read the article at


Will Kim Davis Have to Pay Damages to Gay Couples Denied Marriage Licenses?

A federal jury is deliberating whether Kim Davis, the former Kentucky county clerk who served five days in jail for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, should pay damages to two of those couples. See the full article at


In Serbia, hundreds of Pride activists take to the streets despite hate messages from far-right officials

Hundreds of Pride activists gathered in Belgrade Saturday amid a heavy police presence and anti-gay messages sent by the country’s conservative leadership and far-right groups. Read the full article at AP


In Michigan, a statue honoring first openly gay individual elected to public office in the US

In 1974, five years after the Stonewall riots and three years before gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Kathy Kozachenko made history in Ann Arbor. Now a statue in her honor is planned to be erected on the grounds of Ann Arbor City Hall. Read the fully story at


California legislators consider ending travel ban to states with anti-LGBTQ laws

California may be about to lift a ban on state-funded travel to states with anti-LGBTQ laws and concentrate instead on an anti-discrimination ad campaign to red states. Read the full article at


All kinds of people, not only straight and cis ones, are depicted in ancient texts. A college course examines LGBTQ sexuality and gender in Egypt, Greece and Rome

Same-sex attraction and gender variance in antiquity are shown by ancient texts to have been far more common in these cultures than previously known. Read the full article at The


University of Massachusetts hosts ‘Say Gay!’ drag show

On Sept. 8, over 200 students attended the “Say Gay!” drag show in the Bromery Center for the Arts lobby in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Stonewall Center. Read the full article at Massachusetts Daily Collegian


A children’s book about a lion cub is banned in Florida because 2 of its characters seem gay

“Christian, the Hugging Lion” doesn’t mention sexuality, but some conservatives detected gay vibes from it. Read the full article at LGBTQ NATION

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