Kassidy Tarala

Let’s Quarantine Together

By Kassidy Tarala / January 28, 2021

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Dean Drobot During COVID-19, everything looks a little different. Valentine’s Day is no exception. I remember when…

Community And Competition During COVID-19

By Kassidy Tarala / January 14, 2021

The coronavirus is no competition for Stonewall Sports – Minneapolis, a beloved LGBTQ+, community-based sports league. Photos courtesy of Stonewall…

The Revolving Door of Stores

By Kassidy Tarala / December 17, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some stores have been shuttered. But with the loss of many Twin Cities gems comes the…

Lessons To Be Learned, Life To Be Lived

By Kassidy Tarala / December 17, 2020

Photo by BigStcok/Mikhail Nesytykh In recognition of World AIDS Day on December 1, Daniel R. Sullivan, MA, LPC, BCAS, discusses…

Out With The Old, In With The Food

By Kassidy Tarala / December 17, 2020

Photo courtesy of B.A.D. Wingz As the Twin Cities mourns the beloved restaurants and bars that were shuttered due to…

Outdoors: The Only Place We Can Go These Days

By Kassidy Tarala / December 3, 2020

COVID-19 might be keeping us out of bars, restaurants, concerts, shops, and all of the other fun places we once…

One Person’s Diner, Another Person’s Cabaret

By Kassidy Tarala / December 3, 2020

The iconic Nicollet Diner is in the process of expanding to a new location, with Roxy’s Cabaret moving in too.…

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry

By Kassidy Tarala / November 19, 2020

Radically Wearable Jewelry Automic Gold Collection Starting at $49 The New York-based jewelry company, Automic Gold, was founded on inclusiveness…

Lots and Lots of Lumber

By Kassidy Tarala / November 5, 2020

Photo courtesy of BigStock/ijeab Siwek Lumber is ready to help with any of your winter projects, from furniture making to…

If You’re a Ma’am, You’re Fam

By Kassidy Tarala / November 5, 2020

Photo by BigStock/Meni Photos Since January 2020, Ma’am has been offering a safe, welcoming community for lesbians forty and older.…

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