Let’s Quarantine Together


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During COVID-19, everything looks a little different. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

I remember when we first became fully submerged in the COVID-19 pandemic, and a big question mark hung over the dating universe: How are people going to date when we can’t get within six feet of each other? Then an even bigger question emerged: Wait, how will people have sex??

For many, this meant sticking to dating apps, FaceTime, and Zoom dates, and lots and lots of sexting. For others, it meant weeks-long quarantining with one person for a sort of sex staycation. And for those of us, like myself, who’ve been with a live-in partner throughout all of this, dates and sex came quite easily… but at times, perhaps too easily.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the emphasis on finding a romantic partner is greater than ever. Whether you’re looking for a physical, no-strings-attached relationship; a sweet, simple date with someone you recently started seeing; or you desperately need to spice things up with someone you’ve been spending the past nine or so months with in sweatpants—these coronavirus-era Valentine’s Day ideas are perfect for staying in, staying safe, and staying sexy.

A Day in Bed

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, which to many of us is better known as “Lazy Day.” Lounge around with your special someone, make breakfast in bed, do a crossword together, cuddle with your pets, watch a romantic movie, or get as close as physically possible. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your phones off and your full attention on each other.

During the pandemic, it’s been difficult to find new things to do. Make Valentine’s Day your day to try something new with your love. Maybe try a new hobby together, watch a cooking video and try a new recipe, get a new sex toy and try that out. Have a slow day, and take your time learning something new about each other, either to rekindle an old flame, or to heat up a new romance.

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While you’re getting cozy at home, there’s no better way to bond than cooking. Join a virtual cooking class instructed by professional chefs from across the world. From risotto to macarons, learn how to make some of your favorite meals and treats as a couple. Learn more at cozymeal.com.

Order Curbside Pickup

The only downside to living in the North on Valentine’s Day is the weather. Maybe you have a new outfit picked out for the special occasion, and then you have to cover it up with layers of coats and scarves. Since COVID-19 has made us have to rethink how we enjoy restaurants, we might as well take advantage for Hearts Day.

Order curbside pickup from Hola Arepa in South Minneapolis for Latin food that will transport you and your taste buds to somewhere much, much warmer. On Sundays, curbside pickup is available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., meaning you can do a special brunch, lunch, or candlelit dinner—in the comfort and warmth of your own home! So put on your very best, no jackets needed, and enjoy some of Minneapolis’s very best cocktails, empanadas, and, of course, arepas.

For more information about Hola Arepa, visit holaarepa.com.

Bring the Trivia and Pizza Home

One of my favorite things to do pre-pandemic was enjoy some drinks and pizza over a competitive round of trivia at one of my favorite bars or restaurants around the Twin Cities. From Golden Girls to Parks & Rec (okay, I admit most trivia I partake in is TV-related…), there was nothing like some heated trivia with my partner or small group of friends.

We might not be able to do that now due to COVID-19, but we can still experience the bonding and closeness of trivia with our loved ones from home. Join a virtual game of trivia and test your team-building skills with your S/O over some delicious pizza and cocktails. Order delivery from Black Sheep for all of the fixings for a delicious, cozy, and casual night at home with your special someone.

Check out apps like HouseParty or JackBox for fun trivia that will transport you to a crowded, cozy bar. For more information about Black Sheep, visit blacksheeppizza.com.

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