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It does seem odd to start an article on health insurance by referencing the Bible, but the case can be made that there are parallels to Jeremiah 8:11 (“Peace, peace, ‘But there is no peace’”) with the chant that seems to come...

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Finding Religion

As a relative newcomer to the Twin Cities (though no stranger to the Midwest, stereotyped as the “land of churches and bars”), I’ve been absolutely floored by the abundance of progressive GLBT-welcoming faith communities in the...

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Welcome to the Lavender Yellow Pages Edition

Lavender Media, publisher of Lavender Magazine, welcomes the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as our nonprofit partner in the 2008 edition of Minnesota’s prize-winning GLBT Lavender Yellow Pages Edition. For the sixth consecutive...

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Color Me — Everything!

“By the time I was 3 years old, I had personified all the crayons in my 24-count box of Crayolas. I was convinced that individual colors would feel slighted if I didn’t use each crayon equally.” So artist Jim Dryden, who created...

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Minnesota Eats Up The World

There are a few generalizations you can make about Minnesotans that are almost always true: We will complain bitterly about the weather, even though we know in our hearts there is nothing we can do about it; we have a smug...

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Coffee 101

It’s always been a mystery to me why that old 40’s standard, the “Java Jive”, is sung so slowly....

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The Donut vs. The Bagel

With the surge of coffee, or perhaps better phrased, explosion of the coffee scene, the popularity of its side, the donut, has also surged. While only a few people still try to order “just a coffee,” people have expanded beyond...

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Sports play an enor-mous role in Twin Cities culture. GLBT spectators can choose from a virtual rainbow of athletic options: the Minnesota Vikings, Wild, Thunder, Twins, Timberwolves, and Lynx compete against each other for the...

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