Issue 679

Zack Ryan: Clear and Present Marriage

By Holly Peterson / June 3, 2021

Zack Klaers and Ryan Miller were not necessarily looking to get married when they met on Grindr. They are both…

Meet Lavender’s 2021 Cover Contest Winner – Sarah McPeck

By Ryan Patchin / June 3, 2021

Sarah McPeck was raised with one foot in the city, the other planted firmly in rural Northwestern Wisconsin. Feeling isolated…

Paisley Park Museum: A Deep Dive into the Life and Legacy of the Purple One

By Ryan Patchin / June 3, 2021

Photo by Ryan Patchin I’d driven by the place hundreds of times; I’d always wondered what was happening within those…

Leather Life: Leather Pride Memories, Year By Year

By Steve Lenius / June 3, 2021

The 2020 version of the traditional community photo with the giant Leather Pride flag—this time, an aerial photo created using…

Pride Journey: Atlanta

By Joey Amato / June 3, 2021

Joey at World of Coca Cola and Georgia Aquarium. Photo courtesy of Joey Amato. Almost everyone has been to Atlanta…

Our Rides: Subaru

By Randy Stern / June 3, 2021

1976 Subaru DL 4WD Wagon. Photo courtesy of Randy Stern Since its introduction to the American market in 1968, Subaru…

Serve Our Society: Rainbow Health

By Mike Marcotte / June 3, 2021

JustUs Health recently rebranded as Rainbow Health, but their services remain the same. The St. Paul nonprofit strives to provide…

From A to Zee: Emancipation

By Zaylore Stout / June 3, 2021

e·man·ci·pa·tion noun the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation. “the emancipation of…

“Round and Round” – The Red Ribbon Ride Will Run Circles Around Greater Minnesota

By Terrance Griep / June 3, 2021

Photo courtesy of Red Ribbon Ride “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,…

Mother Clucking Roxy’s

By Holly Peterson / June 3, 2021

The Nicollet Diner and the attached Muffin Top Café are an iconic pair—and they are about to be separated. Before…

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