Issue 379

Club Metro Returns in Somerset, Wisconsin

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

On December 5, the new Club Metro debuts in nearby Somerset, Wisconsin—after an eight-year hiatus—with opening night featuring a unique…

Queer as Folks

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

The Aliveness Project in Sight of Reaching Goal The Aliveness Project has taken two very large steps closer to its…

Past Time To Abolish DOMA

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

In an interesting clash concerning state-versus-federal bailiwicks, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Bob Egelko reported on a recent ruling by…

Big Gay News

By Bradley Traynor / December 3, 2009

National News Largest GLBT Newspaper Publisher Closes According to the Associated Press, the largest publisher of GLBT newspapers in the…

On the Townsend

By John Townsend / December 3, 2009

John Trones: Christmas in the City / Dec. 7 / Pantages Theatre, 710 Hennepin Ave., Mpls. / (800) 982-2787 /…

The Page Boy

By E.B. Boatner / December 3, 2009

Paris Photos ~ Paris Walks Peter J. O’Toole Artist Book Press $65 This is a striking work, 10 years in…

DJ Chi Chi La Rue Comes Home for Annual Gay 90’s Holiday Jingle Ball

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

On December 19, DJ Chi Chi La Rue will appear at the Gay 90’s Dance Annex for her annual Holiday…


By Lavender / December 3, 2009

For its natural wonders, historic landmarks, and rich culture, India remains a formidable destination as the world’s most culturally and…

Tom Coben Creates Fork Sculpture

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

Tom Coben staged magic acts while in high school. One of his tricks was bending cutlery by telekinesis. Much of…

Mazel Tov

By Lavender / December 3, 2009

Before the close of 2009, my family will have attended six Bar Mitzvahs and one Bat Mitzvah. No, we’re not…

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