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Ms. Behavior®

Dear Ms. Behavior: I got back in touch with an old friend, Shelly, through Facebook. We took it offline, and recently started hanging out socially. She now is involved with a woman (Joan) who tore through my circle of friends a...

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Joe versus Pro

Home & Yard Blvd. Section So, the lackluster housing market made you decide to stay in your less-than-spectacular home. Or maybe you just finally realized why it isn’t selling. A little remodeling is in order. Now comes the...

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Kudos to Dean Good for the guy [Jeff Dean, interviewed in “Senator Larry Craig Adopts Local Attorney’s Defense, Lavender, April 11] who fought this, and good for Lavender for publicizing it! The whole story makes you wonder...

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Spring Cleaner You’ve Got it maid

Home & Yard Blvd. Section Someone should let Mother Nature know that she really needs to start springing spring. April is a time for sun, showers, and something, not winter storm warnings. I’ve been sitting at home in a...

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A Life Manicure, with Green Tips!

Home & Yard Blvd. Section The truth is, I haven’t got the kind of cash it takes to stay green these days. I’m not in the market for a new Prius, and I look horrible when lit by florescent lighting, no matter how ecofriendly....

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National News Schwarzenegger Against Gay Marriage Ban California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would oppose a state ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage, The Sacramento Bee reported. Speaking to a gathering of gay...

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We Are Not Alone

At times, it seems a gargantuan task to get GLBT folks politically motivated, when our priorities seem to be gay men dancing in their underwear at circuit parties or lesbians convening in Palm Springs for the Dinah Shore...

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