Issue 332

Wenzel Goes Green

By Lavender / February 26, 2008

Home & Yard Blvd. Section These days, terms like “carbon footprint” are as fashionable as a pair of Mezlan Chets.…

Pamper Yourself… with Eco-Friendly Products

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

On The Runway Section Hot picks from MOA® Trend Specialist Sara Rogers “Green” is the new black this season, and…

Ms. Behavior®

By Ms. Behavior® by Meryl Cohn / February 14, 2008

Dear Ms. Behavior: I hooked up with Tina last summer, when I was drinking a lot, still hurting from my…

Sex Talk: Average Guys

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

The biggest cock. The most ripped abs. The prettiest face. Sometimes the whole gay world seems fixated on physical fabulousness.…

Oscar Night® Minnesota 2008 Benefits MAP

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

On February 24 (deo volente), the 80th Oscars, or Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, takes place at…

By Bradley Traynor / February 14, 2008

National & International News

Ruth Bernhard

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

Though she did not self-identify publicly as lesbian or bisexual, photographer Ruth Bernhard—renowned for her abstract still lifes and female…

What We Already Know What They Need To Learn

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

I always have known that we same-sex couples are happier than our opposite-sex counterparts. Maybe it has something to do…

Honeydripper Packs Witty and Wise Punch on Race

By Lavender / February 14, 2008

When we think of the Jim Crow laws enacted in the South after the Civil War and Reconstruction, “colored only”…

On The Record

By Ed Huyck / February 14, 2008

Distortion The Magnetic Fields Well, the title certainly is truth in advertising. Stephin Merritt goes all The Jesus and Mary…

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