From the Editor: The Return of Summer Vacation

Photo by Randy Stern
Photo by Randy Stern

After two years of a persistent pandemic, we can declare the return of the summer vacation. 

You’ve been waiting for a long time to break out your passports and book your vacation. Flights, trains, hotels, rental cars, attractions, concerts, shows…everything is getting booked up. Hopefully your trip has been booked. If not, you better get on the horn and start booking.

After all, the airports are getting busier. The planes are getting full again, even with challenges in scheduling, delays, personnel, and so forth. The same goes for Amtrak, too! The hotels are getting booked up. Rental car locations are selling out – even with their fleets now full of recent pre-owned vehicles.

Speaking of driving, the American Automobile Association stated that 82% of all trips during Memorial Day were by automobile. It is still a huge number, even though the fuel pump prices have jumped well over $4.75 a gallon for unleaded. When I was in Las Vegas last month, I saw pump prices settled well into the $5.00 a gallon range. 

These are certainly challenges to planning and going on our summer getaways. That hasn’t stopped us from getting away at all. After all, we LGBTQ people love to travel – for pleasure or by necessity. 

Can I admit something to you? I have never taken a real vacation in well over a decade. 

For the past eleven-plus years, every trip I took turned into a story. These trips ended up being published somewhere – including inside these pages. I tried to unwind, but my laptop pops open and I’m typing away about what I saw, whom I met, what I drove…etc.

Granted, my travels have not been on the exotic level. I mainly stayed within the continental U.S. Yet I’m OK with where I’ve been and what has been yielded by these trips. After all, to see the world, we have to tell its story. 

C’mon, I’ve seen your social media channels. You chronicle your summer getaways as much as I write about them in this magazine. Fair play.

Before you say that I need a vacation – I know I need one. However, I think you need one more than I do. Just saying…

With that said, our Summer Getaways issue is full of ideas. 

We have destinations that range near and far. From the Boundary Waters to Door County, Madison to Savannah…even Chicago…we got you covered. Granted, these are within hours – or, a flight away – from home, but a getaway is something that we all need right now. 

Plus, our staff also contributed to this issue with our destinations – past and present. Even we go near and far, as well! 

Are your bags packed? Did you meet your destination’s COVID-19 arrival and departure guidelines? Your tickets, reservations, and everything else you need ready to go? Is your vehicle fueled up?

Then, have a great summer getaway!

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