From The Editor: The Continued Evolution of The Arts


Changes, transitions, evolutions…they’re all a part of life.

In the arts and entertainment world here in Minnesota, you can see a lot of change and transition happening around us. All of which will help drive growth to their respective organizations by attracting returning and newer audience members with fresh performance experiences.

Last year, we celebrated Mark Valdez’s ascension to lead Minneapolis’ Mixed Blood Theatre. Earlier this year, we welcomed Thomas Søndegard as the Minnesota Orchestra’s new Artistic Director. These are among the many arts leaders that will be taking on new roles in our creative community.

Change and transition are what keeps arts organizations fresh, vibrant, and alive. That was one of my things I learned when I was at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Management graduate program over a decade ago. Otherwise, stagnation and complacency will become the norm.

With stagnation and complacency, attracting new development funding and patrons will be a challenge. By bringing in new blood into an organization – any organization – you are giving it new life. That is what I understood how this vast and deep arts community will continue to grow and engage.

In these pages, we welcome new leaders in two of our more vital arts organizations in the Twin Cities. One has ascended to a new position; the other arrives to take the place of a person with huge legacy in that organization. Both offer their own challenges to breathe new life into their respective entities.

Along with the two new arts organization leadership changes, this issue dives into the newest run for one of our dinner theatres, a brand new stage production with LGBTQ+ content, and an upcoming appearance for a well-known actor and illusionist.

I saved the best for the cover. In this issue, we feature a member of the Minneapolis Fire Department who appeared on the last season of CBS’s “Tough As Nails” who is truly one of our own. Were you rooting for her as we were?

It’s not all about the arts around here. Our want of entertainment is wide-ranging. And, we’re a demanding community when it comes to being entertained. That is why we, an LGBTQ+ community, are seen as a strong consumer demographic of arts patronage and entertainment.

And, we’re demanding more. We’re getting it delivered to our screens, stages, galleries, and speakers.

If you’re already a patron of the arts – or are a part of the creation inside the scene – thank you. Keep it up, because we all need to continue building, evolving, and delivering for our creative community. Keep on buying tickets, subscriptions, and creating new art for us to enjoy!

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