Brittney Spencer Brings Her Voice To Live At The Hilde

Photo by Nicki Fletcher
Photo by Nicki Fletcher

Nashville’s Music Row has been evolving to be more inclusive and welcoming. Add Brittney Spencer to that list. 

Hailing from Baltimore, the Country singer will be performing in Plymouth as part of the Live at The Hilde series on July 30. She is one of the newly emerging voices coming from Nashville that already made an impact on the genre. In fact, you will find out that Spencer has already got supporters within the established acts in Nashville. 

Ahead of her performance here in the Twin Cities, we had a chance to have a chat with Spencer to find out more about this artist and to get a preview of her performance. 

LAVENDER MAGAZINE: To start off with, tell us a bit about you and your musical journey through now?

BRITTNEY SPENCER: I’ve been singing all my life. I fell in love with country music around 14 or 15 years old after hearing Dixie Chicks (now known as The Chicks.) I moved to Nashville about 9 years ago. During that time, I started teaching myself to play guitar, I busked downtown for a couple of summers, and I made songwriting a priority because I really wanted to strengthen that particular area. In July 2020, I released my very first single and started my artistry path. I haven’t looked back since.

LAVENDER: You found your way on Music Row (and beyond) as a songwriter, leading to sharing stages with Carrie Underwood and Christopher Cross. Give us a glimpse as to that climb through the grind in Nashville until 2020.

SPENCER: I sang background vocals for Carrie Underwood at a few award shows, and I toured with Christopher Cross back in 2019. Those opportunities came through friends I met around town. I spent a lot of time in Nashville just being available and present; saying yes to just about anything. I’ve met some great people and stumbled into really cool moments this way. As it relates to songwriting, I always thought I’d have to ‘make it’ as a songwriter first and then a door would open up for me to step into artistry. I thought I’d have to write songs for other people before I could write for myself. I can’t say this idea had totally left my mind when I recorded my “Compassion” EP in November 2019. 

LAVENDER: The EP “Compassion” – released in 2020 – put you on the map. Tell me about that EP and the reception you got from it. Not to mention, the Maren Morris co-sign at the 2020 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards.

SPENCER: Compassion is a project I got to make with a group of friends I love very much. I really thought that EP would be something I could present while pitching myself for various festivals and shows around town. I didn’t know it would open up my world the way it has. It’s kind of overwhelming when I consider the response it got and all the doors it’s opened for me and my career. One of my favorite parts about touring is meeting people and hearing how Compassion makes them feel. Those sorts of moments really keep me going. I smile every time I think about how much Maren has supported me and my career. From mentioning my name at the CMA Awards, to adding me to her Humble Quest tour, and just being an incredible sounding board in times when I’ve needed her advice, Maren’s been an incredible friend and I’m grateful for her.

LAVENDER: The amazing thing we’re seeing in the past decade has been the growing number of country artists that are coming out. What helped you to become true to yourself in a genre of music that used to be very conservative to anyone not of their status quo?

SPENCER: It’s really impacted me watching so many queer country artists publicly stand in their truth and embrace who they are, even as a straight Black woman. Historically, so many artists have been denied access and opportunities because of sexuality, race, age, gender, etc. It’s really wild to live in a time where it feels people can fully be themselves and their careers not suffer because of it. I think watching my queer artist friends be courageous and bold just by existing and having the much-needed dialogue about being queer in country music encourages me to be more loving and accepting of myself and others. 

LAVENDER: This leads to your performance at Live at The Hilde on July 30 on the stage with The Band Perry and Kelsea Ballerini. What should we expect from a Brittney Spencer set?

SPENCER: I’m so excited about this show. I think people can expect to experience a little emotional journey. I want people to feel good, think back on a good memory from their childhood or younger days, feel contemplative, and remember the joy and pain of being in love. I want people to feel something when I sing songs I’ve written about what it means to just try and live. 

LAVENDER: There is a new single out – “More Than Perfect.” Tell us about that song?

SPENCER: It’s a song about actually liking yourself, and knowing that the measure of beauty is more than skin deep. I wrote this song because I don’t always like what I see in the mirror, and I’m learning to now. This song is a little reminder to myself that even when I don’t feel my best or like every single little detail, I still have to love, like and show up for myself. 

LAVENDER: Will there be a new album/EP coming out soon?

SPENCER: I’m recording new music right now that I seriously cannot wait to share. I’ve been touring with a lot of the music I’m currently recording, and the response we get on the road every night just makes me even more excited for this album.

Catch Brittney Spencer on July 30 at the Hilde Performance Center on what is a good Country Music bill. You could be smitten by Spencer’s music that evening. 

Live From The Hilde
Hilde Performance Center, 3500 Plymouth Blvd., Plymouth, MN
July 30 – 5:00 PM

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