Biz Buzz: Max’s

Ellen Hertz, owner of Max's. Photo courtesy of Ellen J. Hertz
Ellen Hertz, owner of Max's. Photo courtesy of Ellen J. Hertz

Business: Max’s

Your Name: Ellen Hertz           

Job Title: Owner 

Give us a brief overview of your business and what services you provide the community: 

We are a jewelry and chocolate boutique featuring artisan made items in both categories as well as some gifts and items for the home.  We aim to celebrate the art and creativity of our designers, as well as their process of creating their collections. We strive to be as unique as we can be in the Twin Cities in terms of who we represent so that our customers see things at Max’s that they don’t see elsewhere.  

How many years have you been in business? 

We will be “Sweet 16” on May 22 of this year!

Photo courtesy of Ellen J. Hertz

What’s something unique we should know about your business? 

Our jewelry designers are either crafting their goods themselves, or working with a small team of artisans over whom they have control. They are not sending their designs overseas to a mass-production factory.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

Is ‘everything’ an acceptable answer?!?!?  Truly, I love my job. I left a successful corporate career to follow my passion for jewelry and retail, and I’ve never looked back.  I love it that some of our customers have become personal friends and most of them are repeat purchasers.

What’s the best thing about working with the LGBTQ community? 

I think that there is an extra level of trust that exists between the LGBTQ community and us.  Trust is a key element of every customer interaction at Max’s and, while things have improved over the years, I think and hope that those in the LGBTQ community feel the honesty and sincerity that exists when they visit.

Photo courtesy of Ellen J. Hertz

Does your business have anything new, fun or unique happening on the horizon? 

We’re launching our 2022 event schedule in May and the calendar is full of great happenings throughout the year.  Designer trunk shows are one of the most fun things that we do because they allow our customers to meet the designers and hear directly from them how they approach their design and what inspires them to create what they create. It’s so great to be able to get back to some sense of normalcy!  

If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing? 

I’d like to believe I’d be sitting on a beach somewhere in Hawaii!

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