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Personal fitness doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream. Weight loss really is a journey and shouldn’t be viewed as a quickly fixed issue. Livea’s process is a long-term solution to a person’s specific weight control needs. Livea focuses heavily on education and teaching healthy lifestyles.

Kat Perkins (The Voice) first learned about Livea when she was recording a new song. “Chris (Hawkey) and I were working on a single together and I was complaining about my weight,” Kat said about her introduction to Livea. Chris, a brand ambassador for Livea, passed Kat’s info along to the team at Livea, and the rest is history. “They reached out immediately and said, ‘let’s have a meeting…’ it was a perfect fit and I really needed to get my body back and get healthy.”

After repeated attempts at self-guided dieting, and even striking out at a national weight-loss chain, Kat says the difference in Livea’s approach to weight loss comes down to one word: “accountability.”

“I think it was the game changer,” Kat told me, “…I just don’t think I could have ever done it without that accountability.” Just as important, Kat needed a plan that could travel with her and keep up with her dynamic schedule—she needed a plan she could take on the road. “I am a traveling musician. How can I choose the right things when I’m at a gas station or in a rural town with nothing to eat?”

Livea was designed for people on the go. When Kat is on the road, she needs to be able to plan in terms of weeks instead of days. “It was my biggest fear…how am I going to carry around a lot of food with me?” Once Kat dove into the program, she found a customized fit that suited her schedule. “It was so easy to fit into my lifestyle,” Kat told me, “It was so easy to bring food with me in order to have it on the road, when I was eating [the program] food.”

Speaking of Livea’s food plan, Kat told me that Livea’s menu is fundamentally different than other weight loss programs. “On the weight loss plan, you eat [Livea’s] food…and Livea’s food is super yummy…there’s actually options that taste really great.” Kat says Livea’s catalog of tasty entrees helped her stay focused on her weight loss goal. “…in that weight loss portion of it, when you’re eating that food, it’s super easy to do it because it tastes just like all of your favorite things.” Livea also offers an array of bars and shakes to keep you energized throughout the day.

Livea prepares their clients for the future by focusing heavily on education and teaching healthy lifestyles. Livea stays with their clients for a full year after they’ve reached their weight loss goal, to ensure a smooth transition back to foods readily available at grocery stores. Or gas stations.

Kat says Livea is for anyone “that wants to get healthy and really get their balance back in their lives.” She also told me that “there’s no better time than right now. We’re not in control of very much outside of ourselves…It’s much easier to feel like every day I have control of something with this crazy, uncertain world right now.”

Even during a pandemic, Kat said she could always reach her coach, even outside of scheduled visits. Expertise with a side of motivation was never out of reach.

Kat was forced to sideline her touring career when COVID-19 hit. In March, Kat began performing “curbside concerts.” “We go to people’s driveways, cul-de-sacs, blocks, and we do concerts out of the back of my vehicle [with] a guitar player,” Kat says of the COVID-safe concerts. Kat also stays focused on her music camps for kids, saying she’s “still connecting with all [her] students and trying to keep students connected, especially [with] music—especially right now when they’re so isolated and not in school.”

To get started with Livea Weigth Control Centers, call 1-855-465-4832 or head to Livea.com to get started on your customized plan to a healthier you!

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