Real Couples – Jordan Tyler Greenslit and Kamaree Williams

Photo by Ryan Coit
Photo by Ryan Coit

When and how did you meet? 

We met on October 17th 2016 at what used to be called The Townhouse Bar, which now is called The Black Hart in St. Paul, MN. My good friend Tyler T. Love talked me into doing a amateur contest that evening at the very last second. Once we arrived, we took our drag bags downstairs and into the dressing room. Once we turned the corner to get into the room, I saw this young and beautiful queen sitting and painting in this room all by herself. I remember instantly I was nervous and my shy side kicked in. Tyler and I walked in and sat our bags down while Tyler and Kamaree were saying hello. Without a second to breathe after saying hi, Kamaree turns, looks at me and says “who’s your friend?’ We introduced ourselves and her next question was “when are you taking me out on a date?” As the night progressed we talked, we laughed, we flirted. I even won that night’s competition. We took our first selfie that night and I captioned it “Future Wife” . 

What do you love most about your partner?

To pick one thing is extremely hard! Her answer to this question however is that I helped give her the gift of motherhood.

What’s one quirk you’ve had to get used to?

The fact that I can never scare her or pull a prank. I think I scared her one time and she almost knocked me out from her reflex! The thing she had to get used to with me is my sensitivity. She at times has a harder exterior and with time and my emotions, it has softened her.

How would you describe your dynamic/energy?

I would describe us as a well balanced team. The thing one of us may not excel in the other helps us in reaching our goals. 

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to, together?

We are looking forward to watching our family grow and raising our children together. I am also looking forward to watching our kids and Kamaree accomplish all of their dreams. 

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