Pop-Up Weddings: Love More, Stress Less

Photo courtesy of Pop-Up Weddings
Photo courtesy of Pop-Up Weddings

Smaller gatherings. Lower cost. Less logistical stress. More intimacy. There are a lot of reasons why couples have gravitated toward the idea of a “pop-up” wedding or vow renewal.

“Couples have been forced to have more intimate weddings due to recent and ever-changing restrictions—also, yes, the financial benefit of having fewer people and less to manage is appealing,” says Brooke Beise, who founded Pop-Up Weddings in the fall of 2020 after working at different wedding venues for almost 12 years. “What I am finding mostly, logistics and restrictions aside, is that this pandemic has allowed us all a chance to take a step back and prioritize.”

Beise adds that couples have realized they can break the mold on their wedding celebrations, rather than feel the pressure to live up to expectations of how things should be done. Now couples have the option of a pop-up wedding—a styled, designed and planned day where a number of couples say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies, at different times. It’s a prearranged, all-inclusive ceremony package.

“This pandemic has been heavy for everyone in different ways, and couples are allowing themselves the gift of a celebration without the stress of planning,” she says. “There is enough going on with us all right now and adding the stress of planning a wedding is simply exhausting.”

Trying to communicate with vendors, research, plan, answer questions, manage family dynamics and all the other things that come along with a wedding can be draining and time-consuming. Beise found a way to sort through all the confusion and industry lingo to help couples have a wonderful celebration without the added stress.

“The biggest reason that I have had couples book with me is the thought of starting the planning process was just too much,” Beise says. “They started planning and froze because it was too stressful—they thought about going to the courthouse but this was a perfect alternative because they still wanted to walk down the aisle or because their kids asked them to get married.”

She adds: “There was always an option missing—a way to have a gorgeous celebration without spending the same as a down payment on a home. I am fulfilling that need for a celebration that is a happy medium between an elopement and a full reception, without sacrificing any essentials.”

The day of the ceremony, couples can expect a 15-minute ceremony, one-hour reception, and a couple’s photo session. Rates vary depending on venue, but booking a pop-up wedding includes everything from venue styling and décor, to an officiant with a personalized ceremony; personal florals, including a bouquet and boutonniere; mini desserts and champagne toast; photos and video; and a customized music playlist. Couples also have the option of adding a la carte enhancements.

“It’s an all-inclusive package, but there are options as well,” Beise says. “For example, the couple has choices for desserts, and I inquire about preferences on floral and colors. Truly, if there is something that is really important to the couple, I want to know and discuss how we can make it work.”

The most popular add-on options include a maid of honor floral or best man boutonniere, extra time with the photographer for formal family photos, some additional guests, extra time for the reception and beverage service for the guests. 

“As far as décor goes, we try to enhance what the venue has versus trying to force something different,” Beise says, adding that it is more manageable this way, since couples use the space during their timeslot, but ultimately share the photographer and décor for the day.

Beise continues, “I knew I could only feel comfortable taking this on for couples if I had some of the best partners on board—from florals, to the officiant, photography and video, and even the dessert. I only work with truly polished professionals in the industry.”

Which means the only thing couples are responsible for is taking care of their marriage license, communicating with guests, and getting themselves ready and to the venue prior to the ceremony. Beyond that, couples are free to celebrate their union however they wish.

“I’ve had couples do any number of things after their pop-up wedding,” Beise says, “from a private dinner nearby, inviting guests to their house, getting on a plane immediately and going on a honeymoon, or having an ‘after party’ at a hotel suite.”

Ultimately, a pop-up wedding is a very specific experience, but when things have come together, Beise says it has been pretty magical.

“There is no greater compliment than a couple that trusts me to put my years of blood, sweat and tears to work and just allow themselves to experience a pop-up wedding the way it is designed: stress-free planning and a time to celebrate LOVE.”

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