From the Editor: Woof, Meow, Tweet, And, Hello!

Photo by Ashley Rick
Photo by Ashley Rick

For those of us who do have kids, we have pets.

It is something we’re known for – stereotypically or not. And, we do love our pets. Without them, our home lives would be incomplete!

I am certain there are studies that back up this. One such study showed that up to 75% if LGBTQ youth would own a pet as a source of support. The truth behind this figure is perhaps the key to our love of pets – they provide support.

In all of the stories you will be reading in this issue, the idea of “support” is evident. We often live our lives either by ourselves or with our spouse. Sometimes, there’s an empty feeling inside the home. A pet fills that vacuum. They provide support when you need them. And, the feeling is mutual. 

The key to pet life is making them comfortable – at home and on the road. We often are reminded to make sure we open up the windows of our homes and vehicles to make sure they get enough circulated air. A hot atmosphere is not conducive to pet life. If you have air conditioning, your pet will thank you. Make sure you keep it on for them when you’re away. 

These reminders are important to note. Because, we simply love our pets unconditionally. We will go as far as to rescue them and take better care of them than their previous owners. By better care, we’ll even pamper them with better grooming, playthings and specific furniture, even car pet carriers! All in the name of keeping them active, comfortable, and loved! 

These are things that we do as a community. 

This issue features a Minneapolis business that offers the best of care for your dogs, when they really need them. We also feature another business that offers great playful furniture for your cat. This issue also spotlights some accessories that make your pet comfortable, safe, and nourished while you are traveling on the road. 

However, I want to publicly thank you for joining in on this issue. You and your pets are also featured on here in a section. We wanted to show a range of diversity, but no one came forward to talk about their snake or iguana. Maybe next year? 

Also in this issue, we will have a compilation of photos from Twin Cities Pride weekend by our esteemed photographer Sophia Hantzes. We appreciate you being in front of her camera wherever she goes. That, among other columns you will find in this issue. 

After reading this column, do yourselves a favor and take some time with your pet. Feel the support you both give each other. And, pass it on! We truly need it! 

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