From the Editor: From Our State To Yours

Grand Marais. Photo by Randy Stern
Grand Marais. Photo by Randy Stern

We live in a wonderful region of this country. 

You may argue one way or another. You may point out that it gets too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer. You can also complain about the mosquitos that make it a challenge when the air temperature is right – for them. 

However, we always find some form of serendipity in our land. There are times when we often find ourselves in the vacuum created by our home. Always looking around to find a way to explore what is beyond our community’s “walls.” For some of us, our neighborhood is our domain. Traveling beyond it is a treat to behold every time you leave the familiar confines of home. 

As a community, we do a lot of traveling. I am not talking about the snowbird migration to the Sun Belt. Or, that cruise in the Caribbean or across the ocean somewhere. 

We seek other places within the state line – and, a bit beyond it. 

Consider our magazine as your guide to exploring more of our territory. That means going outdoors! From the Boundary Waters to the Minnesota River Valley, we have plenty of places to get away from our humble routines. You may never know what you’ll find in travels. 

Let’s not forget that the Target Center plays host the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four. The top four women’s basketball programs in the country will converge for the final two rounds of tournament play to be crowned “National Champion.” 

One thing to think about the Twin Cities: We are a hub. You come to us for the activities in town, the shopping, the sports, and the culture. Then, you can spread out to all corners of the region for the nature and the calm. 

As the air starts warming up, it is time to explore what this region has to offer. Do yourselves a favor and get out there! Don’t forget to be prepared to stay safe wherever you go! 

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