LGBTQ Under 40: Tyler Mulcahey Peters

Photo courtesy of Tyler Peters
Photo courtesy of Tyler Peters

To be become a future leader in our community, you must be ready to take on the responsibility of doing so. You also have to have a platform. 

In the case of Tyler Mulcahey Peters, he is looking to become a leader from his current position as Loan Officer at Cardinal Financial Company in Minneapolis. 

In his current position, Peters works “with a number of real estate agents in the community and outside of the LGBT community who oftentimes refer me their clients who are in the LGBT community, because they feel like I’m the best person to make sure people in our community are comfortable during the home buying process.” 

“Sometimes it can be awkward,” Peters explains, “our conversations can be awkward when working with someone outside of the community. So, I do get referred a lot of business because of that. I make sure to use proper pronouns and terminology and things like that that aren’t necessarily gender conforming to make sure that I make sure everyone is comfortable.”

Photo courtesy of Tyler Peters

Perhaps making things more comfortable in the process for LGBTQ home buyers is how Peters will gain traction as a younger leader in the real estate financing business. He is also a part of the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance, an organization we featured recently advocating to erase discrimination in the real estate process. 

Peters has also been involved with Quorum, our local LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. He is also licensed as a real estate leader in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Peter’s ultimate goal is to be the “go-to” LGBTQ real estate lender for our community. 

There is more on his mind than just being a leading real estate lender for our community. “I do want to make sure that the discrimination of LGBT people is no longer an issue,” Peters explained.” I know it’s a battle that we’re fighting both on the state level and the federal government level. So being part of organizations, such as the Alliance is helping towards that cause.” 

“So, whether that’s monetary donations and helping raise money for that,” continued Peters, “going to national conferences and helping advocate for LGBT housing rights, that’s really what I want to get more into. I haven’t been as involved in that because the organization, the Alliance, like I mentioned is newer, but that is something that I’d like to see happen in the future is more rights for LGBT housing, because there are a lot of people out there that don’t have the rights like we do here in Minnesota.”

We like his spirit. Peters is finding his platform to advance our community on the real estate front. 

With that said, Lavender Magazine is proud to name Tyler Mulcahey Peters on our list of LGBTQ Under 40. He will be one to watch – in particular, the real estate business facing the LGBTQ community. 

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