From The Editor: The Season Of Pride Is Upon Us

Photo by Randy Stern
Photo by Randy Stern

Welcome to the 2023 edition of our Small Town/Community Pride issue!

It is back this year for one reason: You loved it! You saw yourselves and your local community featured in last year’s edition. We brought a lot of communities together – some of which you never thought would have a pride celebration. The impact of last year’s issue was beyond measure!

Since the deadline passed on last year’s issue, we heard from almost a dozen more Pride celebrations across the state and beyond our state line that never registered on our radar. Some responded to last year’s issue asking us “what about our Pride celebration? Are you going to cover us?”

I am happy to say that we’re about to present over 22 Pride celebrations across Minnesota and over the state line. That’s more than the 19 we included in last year’s issue.

These celebrations range from smaller events in the Twin Cities and across the state in practically every corner of it. There are a few that will be celebrating its first Pride event. You might be surprised where these events are taking place.

Given our experience last year, I had to see for myself some of these events firsthand. It was quite the variety, from small events in the park to larger celebrations. With that said, I thank the organizers in Rochester, Pine City, Eau Claire, Chaska, and Bloomington for your hospitality and community last year.

Therefore, I have a few notes to share about this issue.

It is always a challenge when you are putting on your first Pride event. In this issue, we are featuring the newest Pride events this year in Hudson, Monticello, Saint Paul and Stillwater. There are quite a few that are putting on their second, third or fourth Pride event. 

Conversely, it is always great to see some events return after years of navigating through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Namely, Golden Valley Pride.

If there is a theme that is common amongst these Pride events, it is the people. No matter what part of the state you go, you can feel the energy of Pride.

On top of spotlighting 20-plus Pride events in this issue, we have a calendar to keep track of these and many more from beyond our state lines – including two over the border in Canada!

You probably heard the term “June is busting out all over.” So is LGBTQ Pride. We’re not even done with featuring stories of Pride – wait until you see our next issue!

One thing to take to heart as we dive into Pride season: We’re all in it together. No matter who you are…you are welcomed. You are loved. You are protected. You are seen, heard, and uplifted by all of us.

Now, go ahead and celebrate! No matter where you are, attend your nearest Pride celebration and be seen, heard, welcomed, loved, and protected!

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