From The Editor: My Only Gift Suggestion This Season

Photo courtesy of the Lexus Division, Toyota Motor North America
Photo courtesy of the Lexus Division, Toyota Motor North America

Our annual Holiday Gift Guide comes right before Thanksgiving. Not because we know that you plan on doing your shopping before the feast. That seems to be the pattern we’re seeing lately. Maybe to avoid “Black Friday”?

Let’s be honest: The traditional gift-giving, family-visiting, travel headache-inducing is upon us! What will you get? Something special you always wanted? Or, a lump of coal?

Gift-giving is always a never-ending cycle of “what to get someone who has everything, but you have to give them something no matter what.” Not that we want you to be jaded about this time of year. Hopefully, the opposite. 

Given this issue’s theme, I found something quite compelling. Earlier this year, I saw a meme floating around here suggesting that for Christmas, Hannukah, or, any gift-giving holiday that you give a musical instrument instead of something, well, harmful. 

That’s a great idea! In fact, I’ll start this issue off by suggesting it!

I can vouch to the power of music to warm one’s hearts, stoke the inner creative soul, and to give people a creative outlet towards improving one’s mental/emotional health. Music has benefits, folks!

What kind of financial commitment one has to have when getting and gifting a musical instrument? 

Let’s see…

Most of us would consider a guitar. One of the best electric guitars one can give is a Fender Stratocaster. The guitar manufacturer sells various levels of Strats – from affordable Squier models to Custom Shop specials. That’s not even including an amplifier, cords, and effect pedals. 

Pricing for one of these iconic guitars can cost you a lot. Custom Shop Stratocasters run from about $4,000 up past $10,000. Squiers can run from over $100, with American Classic Stratocasters getting into the $1,000-plus territory. 

Don’t like the idea of an electric guitar in your home? How about an acoustic guitar? 

They are light, portable, and give you one of the most beautiful sounds in the universe. You can get away with an affordable guitar that you can learn from. Some good starter guitars are available in the $100-200 range. Better ones can range from $800 to over $3,000.

To be honest, I do not play a guitar. I play hand drums myself. They run about the same price range as guitars. They also have a wider choice of kinds of drums to play. YouTube has many videos explaining everything from which drum to choose from, their price range, to playing techniques, and so forth.

This is just one of several gift suggestions that are in this issue. Peruse our issue. See something you like? Put that on your gift list!

Plus, we cover some entertainment choices for the upcoming holiday season. The Minnesota Opera and Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus have plans for this coming season. Hopefully you are making yours!

‘Tis the season! Enjoy it! And, Happy Thanksgiving! And, of course Happy Holidays!

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