From The Editor: Why “Our Couples”?

Here we are – the first Love and Marriage issue of 2023.

It is true that the key to the vibrancy of our community is the love we share with our very significant others. Whether we are bound by marriage or just started dating, we honor and cherish those who have agreed to be a part of a singular existence.

A singular existence that still makes people unhappy.

Not going to call out groups of people here. Why bother acknowledging their objection to love? There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, right?

The core tenet of our Love and Marriage issues is to celebrate the love that exist within our community. This is why we open up these pages or scroll through the website! We want to see happy couples talking about what love means to them.

As I stated before, there is another point of view on love. In some cultures, the kind of love we share within our community still creates friction between “us” and “them”. That is why we have featured a couple who left Ukraine for a better life here. It is important to remind ourselves that our resilience and determination as a culture and community is driven by love – and the freedom in expressing love.

Isn’t that point of our celebration of Valentine’s Day? Our anniversary of our first date? Our wedding anniversary? The number of love songs that have filled your Spotify playlist or smartphone’s music app?

All of these remind us of that single fact that love is what keeps our community going.

Take a look at the other couples we featured in this issue. Just look at their faces, you see bliss, happiness, joy, struggle, pain…and love.

Within this issue, we have several examples of our couples that exemplify all of the above. They range from the recently wedded to those of been with each other for years. WE let them tell their story to you. Maybe you’ll be inspired?

We also include a couple that should be part of our community. This couple had multiple challenges before and after their arrival into our community. It is worth the read, as well.

We have so many couples we want to celebrate. We feel that in every issue, we may have run our course. Not true. That is why we will put out an “all call” for you to be featured in our Love and Marriage issues, when they come up. Because of you, we publish them to share with your family, friends, co-workers…the world!

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