From The Editor: Love, Set To Music

Photo by BigStock/New Africa
Photo by BigStock/New Africa

“Love is love.”

That has been the main mantra for our community’s progress of late. It is the very reason why we’re here. 

The dream of loving someone, making the commitment for making it last forever – it is something we all share. It something that takes many forms, but it is true to its essence. 

So many friends have taken the route towards commitment and staying forever true to themselves. We see them on social media on dates, trips, outings, a concert, at home, at the altar…and so forth. “In sickness and in health, ‘til death do they part.”

We all have our ideas of what love is. The essence of our community is that we all want to live a happy life with the person we care about the most. That is why we fought our fights for the past five decades for the simple want of living a loving lifestyle. 

How do you express your love to the fullest? 

I know! Music! 

C’mon, we all love a good love song, do we?

There’s so many. We choose a “wedding song” that we will do the first dance with. We have that one song that reminds us of our first date. There’s that new love song that pops up on your streaming playlist that caught you at the right time. 

Love songs come in all genres. A great symphonic piece that invites you to take in the moment. A sugary pop song that is as sweet as your love life. A country tune that encourages you to stay with your love, instead of leaving them. How about an old classic love song from decades gone by?

Love is always set to music. Based on one of our articles in this issue, that music could be pumped – rather, filtered – through some dozen or so finely tuned speakers surrounding you on your way to your wedding, honeymoon, or your special date. Maybe your anniversary?

We offer these issues to affirm something that continues to keep us engaged – your love. Your love life. Your marriage. And, your life together.

Therefore, in this issue, we present you – love. Marriage. Life. 

From photographing your love in a sensual fashion to checking out a movie about LGBTQ romance, we have you covered. We even included this issue’s couples to inspire you, as well. 

So, turn on the love songs! Use it as a soundtrack towards reading this issue. Be inspired. Be loved. 

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