Riding To Your Wedding in Style


It is your special day. The day you and your significant other become much more significant. “Through sickness and health; ‘til death do you part.”

The wedding planner had everything set for you. The setting with the officiant, the invitations to your friends on both sides, and the reception with food, music, dancing, and joy all around. 

Everything is set. The dream wedding is underway. How will you get around on that day?

These days, vehicles that will take you to the chapel, the reception, and off to your honeymoon are available in many different ways. Most common are large SUVs, emulating the space once occupied by stretched limousines. They have become the choice for livery services to deliver you to the ceremony on time. 

So, imagine arriving to your special day in this 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label…

It is a special vehicle, indeed. Not a horse-drawn coach nor your friend’s Subaru. Nor is it a classic convertible that someone you know had around for that day. 

A Lincoln Navigator is a lofty ride. A large SUV with the glamour of 100 years that has framed Ford’s luxury brand wrapped in this 210-inch-long package. It is a 5,800-pound mass of elegance that speaks to whomever is riding in the second row of seats. The commanding presence reminds one of the progressions of one of Lincoln’s icons from its century-long history – the 1961-64 Continental. Maybe, the neo-classical Lincoln and Continental Marks of the late 1950s? Or, the Lincolns that made the 1970s its most bourgeois period by never yielding to an oil crisis to maintain its status among American automakers. 

Some may think a Lincoln Navigator would be a bit of an overkill for your wedding day. Rather, your honeymoon or a romantic time together locally or somewhere else. 

Let me talk you through what makes the Lincoln Navigator the new icon for the four-pointed star. It starts where you are invited to sit down and enjoy the ride. 

The second row Captain’s Chairs are swathed in Black Onyx leather, adorned with Brandy stitching. Each seat is heated and cooled with a massage feature. This is part of what Lincoln calls the Invitation theme – one of four themes available in the top-of-the-line Navigator Black Label. 

Between the both of you is a large center console. While it offers a huge storage area, there is a small touchscreen that controls the climate, your seats, your audio selection, and many more functions. You might want to be careful with the soundtrack you choose, as it will be emitted through 28 speakers powered by a Revel Ultima 3D audio system. 

The indulgent couple is surrounded by materials and details that make this Navigator Black Label a special place for a special moment. The Venetian leather has Pergole micro-perforations in it. You have Dinamica sueded cloth above you and below you. Not to mention the laser-etched Khaya trimmings that make you feel right at home on the road. You are indeed indulging in some of the finest things one could imagine being surrounded with. 

If you must bring your closest members of the wedding party – or, some hangers-on for another date – there is a third row of seats for them. They can only seat three, but actually two, if we’re being realistic. 

For the driver, they get some of the same materials around them. They also get one of the finest cockpits in its class. The Navigator has everything the driver needs in terms of information and entertainment. The transmission is controlled by a set of buttons underneath the infotainment screen. Every control has an elegant touch and logic, including the ones on the center console between the rear seats. 

You might not care that your Navigator is powered by a 440-horsepower 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6, delivering 510 pound-feet of torque. Or, that it has a ten-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system for those occasions when weather wants to ruin your special day. 

All you care about is how comfortable the ride quality is. After all, a bad drive will ruin your day. With that said, it has a very smooth ride that never transmits bad roads into the cabin. Everyone is isolated from the world, as you sit back in those second row Captain’s Chairs and celebrate your special day. 

There may be an occasion when you might see the driver take their hands off the wheel. They are utilizing ActiveGlide, which is part of the Navigator’s Lincoln CoPilot 2.0 Drive system. On top of a list of advanced driver assistance features, ActiveGlide is a hands-free system that is only available on limited stretches of divided highways across the U.S.A. The driver will get an indicator on the instrument cluster to let them know they are entering a zone where they can use ActiveGlide. 

A word of caution: Use ActiveGlide sparingly and only if you know how the system truly works.  And let the driver know to keep their hands on the wheel. 

If you’re considering one for yourself, a Lincoln Navigator is quite a substantial vehicle offering yards of opulence and luxury. These large SUVs start from $77,635. Our Black Label example came with a sticker price of $107,050. Most of its competitors are priced in this range – and beyond. 

You can choose any such vehicle to make a statement on your wedding day. However, you will find that all of this opulence and indulgence should make your special day truly special. As the stretched Town Car limousine has vanished into automotive history, Lincoln would rather get you at the altar on time with commanding presence while making a statement about your love and devotion to that special person in your life. 

Next time, ask your wedding planner for a Lincoln Navigator. Or, hire one for a chauffeured-driven experience. 

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