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Photo courtesy of Eric Craton
Photo courtesy of Eric Craton

Photo courtesy of Eric Craton

There is no denying that being cooped up at home for so much of the last year has brought out the latent interior designer in many homeowners. Reimagining our living spaces has been a good way for a lot of us to find comfort during a time of profound discomfort. Of course, one year is not nearly enough time to bring every potential project to fruition. If you have a few projects lingering on your to-do list, Twin Cities-based contractor Castle Building & Remodeling can help you check off those last few boxes.

Castle Building & Remodeling is prepared for any of your percolating projects. Their team has extensive experience remodeling bathrooms and kitchens and can skillfully transform your dusty basement or attic into a cozy living space. They can even add an office, bedroom, garage, or entire second floor to your home.

Whether you are still daydreaming or are halfway through a project and need a professional’s help, Castle Building & Remodeling is ready to step in. “We have been receiving calls to complete projects that are half done where a contractor quit halfway through, or projects that didn’t meet code and now need fixing,” says Marketing Manager Hannah Husemann. “It’s rare but it happens.”

Adding or refurbishing a home office was one of the most requested projects for the Castle team in 2020. “We have had a major increase in inquiries regarding adding home offices [and] adding additional bedrooms and owner’s suites,” says Husemann. With so much of the working population transitioning to working from home and many young adults moving in with their parents after internships were canceled and colleges moved online, it’s no surprise that making homes a little bigger was such a common ask.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many clients needed to stay home throughout their remodels. Castle successfully accommodated that request, while also ensuring that they created as safe a space as possible for their clients and builders. “We are incredibly grateful to all the homeowners who have entrusted us to transform their spaces,” Husemann says, “and we continue to follow the current CDC guidelines to ensure both staff, homeowners, trade partners, and all else involved are healthy during the project.”

Castle is especially passionate about working on old homes. “We specialize in older homes and matching the space to the original home’s aesthetic,” explains Husemann. They continue to innovate on all projects in every home, though, so if you need any inspiration, they are full of ideas.

Walking through some of this year’s trends, Husemann says: “We’ve seen a great deal of neutral and clean color palettes. Soft hues and transitional tones are making long-lasting remodeling designs that the homeowner can enjoy for years. There have also been many projects featuring unique tile shapes such as hexagons, penny rounds and more.”

Photo courtesy of Eric Craton

Castle Building & Remodeling is committed to making their processes as green as possible. “Castle works to incorporate green building practices into all of our projects by making some newer, healthier products like low VOC paint our standard,” says Husemann. “By completing makeover projects as well as complete remodels, we are able to offer options that are greener and don’t create as much waste—and use as many new resources and help with budgets.”

Husemann adds: “Educating homeowners on all aspects of remodeling is a cornerstone to our business model, and we’re thrilled to welcome attendees back to live in-person events.” The team is most excited for the return of the Castle Educational Home Tour, which has run every year since 2013, except in 2020.

“We’re so excited to be back in person,” says Husemann. “The Castle Educational Home Tour is designed to help people understand what a realistic remodel involves as well as, but not limited to, what is achievable within their budget to create a project that provides both return on investment and return on enjoyment.”

This year the Castle Educational Home Tour will feature six separate homes and will run from September 25 – 26. There are fun giveaways for attendees, including $5,000 in Remodeling or Marvin Windows. More information regarding the event can be found at the website below.

Castle Building & Remodeling is ready to help you with all your home remodeling projects: no matter how large or how small. Whether you are ready to start a project now or want to wait until after the Castle Educational Home Tour, you are sure to be pleased with this local contractor’s ability to turn your home improvement dream into a reality. – for information about the Castle Educational Home Tour

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