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East Side Apartments exterior. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.
East Side Apartments exterior. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

East Side Apartments exterior. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners

Lupe Development offers unique urban developments in Whittier, Bryn Mawr, Edina, and beyond.

The most stressful part of being a renter is the endless house hunting—and not the fun kind as seen on HGTV. Since 2020, I’ve lived in four different apartments: two in Minneapolis; one in Madison, Wisconsin; and my current place in the Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul. My partner thinks moving is fun, but I absolutely hate it. Sure, I enjoy the excitement of a new place and figuring out what will go where (even throwing a new piece or two into the mix), but the actual process of packing and unpacking is a nightmare. I lived in the same apartment throughout college, albeit a stinky, too-loud, moldy apartment. But hey, no moving!

Cornelia View. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

The thing about being a renter is, you always have to have your eyes open for the next potential place. But what if we could just… stay put? What if we could find a home to rent where we could spend a good few years? If you check out Lupe Development, this dream might become a reality.

“Lupe Development is passionate about urban development. We started this company with a vision for urban revitalization and a passion for reviving the urban core through creative design and adaptive reuse,” says Lucy Brown, president of Lupe Development. “Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio and embraced this philosophy across urban, suburban, commercial, retail and housing developments. Whether in the heart of the city or a suburban neighborhood, Lupe Development remains committed to our mission to build great communities.”

Lupe Development serves a wide variety of people, including students, working families, seniors, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, veterans, immigrants, and so many more. 

“We offer apartment communities at a variety of price points in locations that people want—close to restaurants, shops, parks, schools, work, services, etc. We also prioritize transit corridors, walkable neighborhoods and bike infrastructure so that people living in our communities have access to the places they want to be without a car. This helps us meet the needs of the people most often choosing affordable or workforce housing,” Brown says.

Lupe Development is known for bringing a unique style of urban living to all of its communities. Brown says they combine their years of real estate experience in urban cores with superior quality and design details that stand out. “We bring quality and durability to our projects at a variety of price points. We invest in lasting upgrades that bring comfort and livability to buyers and renters,” she adds.

Mill City. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

Environmentally responsible design is a cornerstone of the company’s development philosophy, which is proven in its projects, which often reclaim and reimagine city blocks that are underutilized. 

“Lastly, we believe communities thrive when they are accessible to the services and amenities people need. That means we prioritize transportation connections in our projects, primarily developing along transit, bike and pedestrian corridors,” Brown says.

At the moment, Lupe Development has a lot going on. Brown says they recently completed the first of three projects in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, Lake Street Dwelling

Lake Street Dwelling. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

“It’s a 111-unit affordable community at 410 W. Lake Street. Our second project, Lago now under construction at 500 W. Lake Street, will include 132 units, and provide a variety of amenities including a fitness center, storage lockers, underground parking, skydeck, business center and community room. It is a “middle-market” project, meaning the rents are not going to be at the top end like many of the new developments in this area. We think this is something the community needs,” Brown says. 

Lupe Development’s third Whittier building is in the early funding stages. It’s an affordable building of seventy-five to ninety-five units with larger floorplans well suited for families. “We are reaching out to funding partners to help start this project in 2022,” Brown adds.

Wirth on the Woods. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

Outside of Whittier, Lupe Development is also working on Wirth on the Woods, an affordable senior housing project with Ecumen in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood; Malcolm Yards, a 140-unit affordable project in southeast Minneapolis; Cornelia View Apartments, a 118-unit affordable senior building in Edina; and Snelling Yards, a 110-unit workforce building near the Blue Line LRT and Minnehaha Avenue in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

“While much of our current pipeline is housing, Lupe Development is also an experienced retail and commercial developer,” Brown points out. “We’re working on Woodbury Central—a complete redevelopment of the southeast corner of Valley Creek Road and I-494 near the forthcoming Gold Line bus rapid transit stop.” 

The project includes up to 40,000 square feet of office space, a pair of renovated office buildings with small suites, and hopefully two fast casual restaurants, Brown says.

Keeping in line with its mission to beautify its communities, Lupe Development has set aside two large building mural spaces on Lake Street Dwelling East, and it will be sponsoring an artist mural contest and commission this summer in cooperation with the LynLake Business Association’s annual program. 

Lupe Development Team at Lake Street ribbon cutting. Photo courtesy of Lupe Development Partners.

“It’s important that all of our projects, particularly housing projects, reflect the community and serve people within the neighborhood,” Brown says. “This looks different with every project—whether it’s designed for seniors to stay in their Bryn Mawr community, for young professionals in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, or families on Broadway Avenue.”

To stay up to date on our projects and explore available leasing opportunities to find your next home or start your next business, visit lupedevelopment.com.

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