Staying Cool This Summer In Air Conditioned Comfort

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For years, we searched for ways to stay cool during our hot summers here in the Upper Midwest. From fans to window air conditioning units to central climate control, our quest to keep cool has been a challenge we accepted for our homes.

If you have an air conditioning system in your home, you are ahead of the curve. In fact, you created a desirable home for us to live or to come over on that special occasion.

Standard Heating and Air Conditioning has been supplying HVAC systems for homeowners since 1930. They offer everything from installing new systems to maintaining and repairing your current units.

Their dedication to service starts from a great team of technicians that are dispatched to your home to save you from a broken air conditioning unit that is not keeping you cool.

Chris is one of Standard’s service technicians. He knows all too well how not having air conditioning at home – or, at your place of work – is “less than ideal” on a hot summer day. 

“Our main goal at Standard Heating, no matter the season, is to provide education and information around homeowners’ HVAC systems,” explained Chris. “Comfort is a very personal thing, and we always want to leave every homeowner with more peace of mind and more comfort than when we arrived! As a Service technician, my favorite part of the job is being able to solve a problem and bring a smile to our customers’ faces!”

One service Chris and the Standard team offers is a full diagnostic checkup and tune-ups on your HVAC system. It is to make sure your air conditioning is running when you absolutely need it. Not just one time – but on an annual basis.

Yet, Chris found that “the most common trend is people waiting until the first hot day to turn their air conditioners on.” There is a solution for that. “We recommend turning on your air conditioner on the first warm afternoon of Spring, above 55 degrees, to ensure all things are operating properly,” Chris said.

Before you call, Chris also recommends that you should do an evaluation on your HVAC system. “Listen for any weird noises, call for cooling on your thermostat and evaluate if the system kicks-on, go outside to your outdoor unit and feel for airflow, check your furnace filter,” Chris explained. “We also tend to see older systems (10+ years) break down on the super-hot days, older systems that are not regularly maintained work extra hard to keep your home cool. Check for signs like ice near or around your outdoor unit or your thermostat not reaching your desired temperature, if you see that call us right away.”

There are other things to look for to keep your air conditioning system running. Outdoor units need room to breathe, a clear air flow to the unit is absolutely “critical.” Chris explains that “Maintaining outdoor unit air flow by cleaning off debris with a garden hose, regularly throughout the summer is a great place to start.”

Then, take a look inside at your furnace. Chris stated that you should replace your furnace filter “on a regular basis.”

“Think of your filter as the great protector of your furnace,” Chris further explained.” Once it is clogged, airflow is restricted, causing your furnace to work extra hard to run your air conditioning unit.”

We mentioned annual tune-ups of your HVAC system. This is recommended for very important reasons. “We believe in it so much we have an entire team dedicated to evaluating and getting your system cleaned, prepped, and evaluated for the summer months,” Chris explained. “Tune-ups help prevent costly breakdowns in the peak of summer with long wait times and full schedules where you will be waiting for a few days (or more) to get a service technician out.” Standard recommends you schedule your HVAC tune-ups every year.

Standard is available to repair your HVAC system when they do go wrong. If need be, they can also replace your current air conditioning or climate system. The advantage of a new air conditioning system is that they are more efficient than ever before. Having more efficient HVAC system at your home can help lower your energy bills. Plus, additional technology will help keep your home efficiently cool during the summer.

Standard offers plenty of options on replacement air conditioning units. To see what is out there, it is worth contacting Standard Heating and Air Conditioning. Don’t forget to reach out to them for questions or concerns – or, to get help keeping you cool this summer.

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