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The home is a living thing. We mean that literally and figuratively. Literally, because all physical things are made up of atoms, and atoms are alive. And figuratively, because the home is always evolving along with its owners. The living room, rearranged, provides a different form of energy. The dining set, replaced, creates a new dining room. And since our home is a manifestation of the self—how we express ourselves, who we want to be and how we want to be perceived—it stands to reason that the home is an extension of our personalities: versatile, nurturing, ever-changing. You care for your home; your home then provides harmony. That’s where Schneiderman’s—the premier family-owned furniture chain located throughout the Twin Cities and Duluth—comes in.

We recently sat down with Susan Strong, Merchandise Manager for Schneiderman’s Furniture, to discuss the lauded chain’s early days, what’s trending in interior design, and the qualities that make this furniture destination unique.


Can you tell us a little about the Schneiderman’s origin story and mission/vision?

Schneiderman’s Furniture had its beginnings as a small country grocery store in Meadowlands, Minnesota in 1948. Max Schneiderman was the founder. He and his wife, Edna, ran the store and raised a family there—and eventually the general store became a furniture store.

Two of the brothers, Larry and Russell, took over the business and looked to the Twin Cities to expand. We now have four stores in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth.

A new store in Coon Rapids is in the planning stage and will open in early 2022. Schneiderman’s is now a third-generation company headed up by Jason Schneiderman, son of Larry Schneiderman.

The Mission/Vision is to provide quality service and quality product in beautiful showrooms at prices that won’t break the bank. We believe everyone should have a comfortable home that is reflective of their personal style and family lifestyle.

How long have you been a part of the Schneiderman’s family, and how did you get there?

I’ve worked for Schneiderman’s Furniture since 1990. My career started at Dayton’s working in the furniture department and I came to Schneiderman’s to work in visual display and accessory buying. At that time we only had two stores with a third store in the works. I am now the Merchandise Manager and work on both visual merchandising and selecting and buying products for the showrooms. I love the challenge of seeking out furniture selections that are stylish, comfortable and well-designed. The best part, though, is putting it all together in beautiful showrooms for our guests.


Can you speak to current and prospective interior design trends, and how Schneiderman’s stays on-point?

We are just back from a trip to the furniture market in High Point, NC—my first trip since the pandemic began in 2020! The market is the best place to get an overview of current trends and what trends are on the horizon. The most prevalent style at this time has to be Farmhouse style—from European to Modern Farmhouse. People love the relaxed look and the comfort of being surrounded by pieces that have a sense of a simpler past. 

Another popular trend currently is Urban Organic—cocktail tables made from root balls, dining tables with live edge wood tops, and stone top tables and storage pieces. These types of pieces add a natural touch to the home along with bringing in elements from the outdoors inside. Definitely a Minnesota favorite!

Looking ahead, new designs are showing a retro vibe…lots of curves and radius corners, natural and lighter finishes on wood pieces, deep-seating upholstery with wide padded arms and sink-in comfort. It’s the 50s, 60s and 70s influence all coming together with an updated modern feel.

How would you describe the Schneiderman’s aesthetic?

Definitely not glitzy! We carry a range of styles from urban to farmhouse to rustic, but we’re drawn to collections that are well-designed and functional that offer a value to our guests.

Even with styles that have their roots in traditional designs, we look for updated fabrics, finishes and hardware, pared back-detailing, and features that enhance today’s more casual lifestyle.


 Can you talk a little about the Design Services?

We have a great in-home team that takes a collaborative approach to working with guests looking for design help in making selections for their home—whether they need furniture for just one room or an entire house. The service begins with working in the showroom to get a sense of the guest’s style and budget needs before presenting design ideas, including mood boards and floor plans, for each project. Our in-home team then presents solutions that include selections from furniture collections that we carry in stock along with special order options that customize the solution for the guest. The service is complimentary to our Schneiderman’s shoppers.

How does Schneiderman’s differ from other furniture boutiques?

I think our love of the furniture business comes through in all we do—whether it’s experiencing the design of the showrooms, furniture selections and special order options that we offer, knowledgeable and professional product specialists, and the support of our customer care and delivery department.  

It all starts with furniture, but in reality it is about creating beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces tailored to the individual.  We want guests feeling like the experience was approachable, transparent, and ultimately fun for everyone.

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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