Our Rides: Ferrari Comes To The Twin Cities

Twin Cities Performance Ferrari. Photo by Randy Stern
Twin Cities Performance Ferrari. Photo by Randy Stern

Did you know that there is now a Ferrari dealership in the Twin Cities?

You may have noticed off of Interstate 394 at U.S. Highway 169 that an empty dealership between the Jaguar Land Rover and Audi showrooms in Golden Valley has evolved into the new home for the brand of the Prancing Horse.

This is where Carousel Motors, a division of the Pohlad Companies, landed Ferrari’s newest dealer for the Twin Cities. 

Chase Hawkins, CEO of Carousel Motors. Photo by Randy Stern

This is significant news for supercar enthusiasts and owners, as there has always been wealth in the Twin Cities among the executive and entrepreneur set. They’re usually discreet with what they drive and own, which fits perfectly with Ferrari’s strategy worldwide. 

Carousel CEO Chase Hawkins explains that Ferrari was interested in opening up a new store in the Twin Cities. Both Carousel and Ferrari saw an opportunity to have a presence here—not just for sales, but also for service and support of current owners. Hawkins states that there was an “obvious alignment” between Carousel and Ferrari to open up this new store, among the 40 such official Ferrari dealerships in the U.S.A. 

Ferrari F8 Spider and Portofino M. Photo by Randy Stern

According to Hawkins, “There are a number of Ferrari owners [in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest] and they’ve, unfortunately, had some level of inconvenience in where they’ve been able to purchase their cars and where they have had an opportunity to service them. In general, Ferrari owners have had to take their Ferraris to Chicago for anything as simple as an oil change, because every new Ferrari comes with seven years of free maintenance. When you have that maintenance, the only people who are eligible to perform that are official Ferrari dealers.”

In all, Hawkins explains that the focal point of the new Ferrari store is to “take care of the customers that already have Ferraris—and we know there are a significant number of those owners here today—and then really introduce this brand to people that have not had access to it before.”

Ferrari Roma. Photo by Randy Stern

In the past, the Italian company’s founder Enzo Ferrari was reluctant to sell his road-going sports cars. However, he understood that in order to fund his racing efforts—the Scuderia—he would have to sell his cars to very worthy customers. You’d have to be vetted in order to own a new Ferrari. In most cases, you have to have been a current Ferrari owner to be considered to own a new model. 

That has now changed—to a point. Ferrari has now allowed their dealers to sell the new Roma 2+2 coupe and the Portofino M coupe/convertible to customers that have not had a history of ownership with the brand. Both are members of what Ferrari calls their GT Car Family. 

Ferrari Roma. Photo by Randy Stern

Shopping for a new Ferrari is a special experience. You don’t simply take one home the same day. The customer is invited to choose the way they want their car with a visit inside the Atelier room. There, you can choose exterior paint and interior upholstery colors, the type of steering wheel, seating, contrast stitching, wheels, brake caliper colors, and so forth. The turnaround for a new Ferrari depends on the model they choose from—it could take a couple years before final delivery on some of the more special models in the lineup. 

In all, Ferrari offers 12 models for 2021, with prices ranging up to $1 Million. 

As a destination, Twin Cities Performance/Ferrari of Minneapolis will entice enthusiasts and customers alike to see how this dealership will add value to the local automotive retail industry. Hawkins mentions that the dealership will “host a number of events at the store for those Ferrari owners, and continue to promote that non-Ferrari owners become Ferrari owners, become members of the [local Ferrari] club. The president [of the local Ferrari club] is very proactive in bringing them in. It’s a healthy club scene. It’s sort of about the joy of driving these cars.”

The Atelier. Photo by Randy Stern

Now we’re wondering if anyone can just show up at the Ferrari dealership, even to look at the cars? “We welcome anybody,” says Hawkins, “and obviously this is a global iconic brand and people just love to see the beauty and the design of our cars. The challenge always is trying to balance the true desire of someone to try a car because they want to own one and people who are not necessarily in a position to own a Ferrari, but still want to experience it. But we always avoid arrogance, aloofness, snobbery, all of those things. It’s not who we are as Carousel Motor Group. It’s not who Pohlad Companies are and it’s not who we [at Twin Cities Performance/Ferrari of Minneapolis] are.”

The Library Room. Photo by Randy Stern

Twin Cities Performance/Ferrari of Minneapolis is now open for business. It has turned into a destination for one of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry—one full of tradition and enthusiasm. If you’re among the few who own a Ferrari or love the brand, there is now a place in Golden Valley to spur on your love of the Prancing Horse. 

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