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Courtesy of MartinPatrick3
Courtesy of MartinPatrick3

Working from home is here to stay (at least for many of us). The ongoing pandemic and labor shortage forced companies to come to terms with it and home design trends are starting to reflect this reality.

In the beginning, when we optimistically assumed we would be heading back to the office “soon,” we had makeshift home offices: the kitchen table, TV trays, folding tables. Now, as people are accepting the new normal, more permanent home office solutions are in the works.

Courtesy of MartinPatrick3

The housing market over the past year shows that some people are changing homes in order to accommodate the new reality, but many people are updating their current home to suit their needs. The design team at MartinPatrick3 has been constantly busy with renovations to adapt homes to incorporate a designated workspace (in fact, there’s currently a waiting list for their interior design services).

“A lot of people are investing in new furniture,” says Carly Winslow, a buyer at MartinPatrick3, a curated boutique spanning apparel, furnishings, and interior design. “I think we all realize, as we’re putting our homes to use in this new capacity, that it’s nice to elevate things around you.”

Courtesy of MartinPatrick3

She continues, “I go to furniture markets and a huge trend right now is the bouclé and comfy fabrics like that—a little more texture. Blankets and throws have been a huge category. Cashmere throws that are a much more luxury item—we’ve seen a big trend in that. If you’re going to do a throw, let’s just do the best, most comfy one since we’re going to be at home all winter. Just all those little elevated things that make the day-to-day life that much better.”

Even desk accessories have garnered some attention as people are setting up their home offices or preparing for the hybrid environment as they slowly return to the office. 

Courtesy of MartinPatrick3

“We’ve actually seen a lot of people going back to the office, at least part-time, especially on the apparel side,” Winslow says, noting an increased interest in suiting and blazers. “People’s sizing may have changed during the pandemic, and they’re looking to be outfitted for going back to work.”

Whether you’re spending some time in the office, or continue to work remotely, the comfort-at-home trend will likely continue even into the warmer months. According to Winslow: “I think a lot of people are choosing, rather than going out, entertaining at home more in smaller groups. We noticed it last year—a lot of people opted for entertaining in and wanted to update their home fragrance, dinnerware or barware and things like that to create a nicer experience at home.”

Courtesy of MartinPatrick3

To create your own home office oasis, browse the furnishings available at MartinPatrick3, or set up an appointment with their interior design team at MartinPatrick3 Studio, an architecturally driven, full-service interior design firm focusing on mid- to high-end residential work.

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