From The Editor: Winter at Home…Wherever You Call Home

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Maya23K
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Maya23K

How do you perceive winter?

Is it the beautiful, bucolic, snow-covered wonderland we always remembered when we were younger? Or, is it that inconvenient, ugly, ice-caked point of frustration you’d rather not live in during these months? 

I’ve heard it all. We either love it or hate it. 

Since we’re here, we should celebrate that we have options. We either choose to live here, because we have jobs, lives, loves, and obligations that we happily fulfill year-round in our part of the world. Or, we choose to play “snowbird” when the last leaf falls from the trees at our home. 

Either way, our winters are not unique. All of us who live across the entire northern climes face the same dilemma. It’s never easy either way. It is always up to us to put a stamp on our lives wherever we choose to stay or go away.

I’m not advocating either lifestyle. This California native sometimes waffles between “I love winter” and “why did I move here” every year. However, I found a home here in Minnesota. After all, things are way too expensive back in my birth state. Have you seen the price of gasoline and the cost of living out there? Of course, you have. 

While I’m on this subject, to those of us who have properties in the areas affected by Hurricane Ian down in Florida – and I know quite a few of us who do – my thoughts are with you. Like many devastating weather events, I hope you can rebuild not only your homes, but your lives down there. 

With every Home and Garden issue, we try to give you a seasonal update. We also try to present ideas for the next season…and the next one…and so on. We also love to introduce businesses who can help make your home brighter for the seasons to come. Especially, when they are LGBTQ-owned, operated, and friendly. 

Sometimes we do stories profiling businesses and people, and they simply do not, well, “come out.” The fact that they are in these pages and want to work with us without prejudice is part of the battle we deal with every day. In this economy, every transaction – monetary and otherwise – must be meaningful. That is how we get through both good and bad times. 

On top of our Home and Garden features, we offer two types of ways to escape from your home. One is up towards the North Shore in Cook County, Minnesota. I will vouch for its charm and beauty year-round. The other is by a recreational vehicle. This time, I was put into one and was told to try it out. The things I do for you, dear readers…

Lastly, we got snowboarders. LGBTQ snowboarders. A reminder that we can do so many things year-round anywhere our hearts desire. 

Whether you’re staying here or not, always know that home is where the heart is. 

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