From the Editor: The Bliss of Home Ownership

Welcome to the Spring Home and Garden Issue for 2023!

For starters, we acknowledge that owning a home should be the best investment one should make in their lives. It is the dream of home ownership that is truly a rite of passage. Especially in our community.

When we publish these Home and Garden issues throughout the year, we acknowledge a few things that go into this dream. And, yes, it can be either a blessing or a curse.

Sometimes, home ownership does not always seem to be a blissful experience. There are enough homeowners on my social media feeds that vent when they can’t get their heater to work properly or when the ice on the roof gutters created a major havoc before the first thaw.

After doing a few of these Home and Garden issues, I learned a few things about us and our challenges as homeowners. One of them is trust. We prefer to have someone from our community to help us in renovations, redecorating, and other work around our property. It helps to have someone we can relate to and work with to accomplish our goals of improving the place where we live.

One of those businesses being featured in this issue is Twin Cities Quorum member True North Roofing. Find out in the following pages what they can do for your home.

Even before we own our home, we prefer to work with an LGBTQ realtor. That way, they know what we want better than anyone else. Keep in mind that it might not be a requirement, but it certainly helps in buying or selling a new home.

With that said, we are starting a new series spotlighting the LGBTQ real estate community in this issue. Hopefully, this will be a helpful series for you to follow and enjoy!

Secondly, one thing does not fit all. There is no such thing as a universal LGBTQ aesthetic. If we had a singular style across our community, our homes would be rather boring, in my opinion.

If you’re looking to stand out, we have a feature on a business that can bring a Native American style to your home. Go ahead and check them out!

Of course, it is also show and exhibition season. That is why we have Patric Richardson on our cover, fresh from the Home and Remodeling Show. Plus, we offer you a preview of the upcoming Home and Garden Show to be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Lastly, we delve into the issue of homelessness in the state of Minnesota. It is a serious topic that also challenges our idea of what “home” means to us.

Let this issue challenge you to consider your idea of “home.” No matter where you live, your home is indeed your castle. – no matter how we call “home.”

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